Rest In Peace Byron Bernstein (Reckful) - Famous Wow Player

Unfortunately today Byron Bernstein, better known by his wow name “Reckful” killed himself.
Please remember to take time for yourself and your mental health.
If you need someone to talk to please reach out.


Yup, very sad thing. Beyond WoW, Reckful help shaped Twitch and its services into much of what they are today.

He’ll be missed by thousands, if not millions.

He was hitting numers on twitch that most people couldn’t hit today - almost a decade ago when twitch was still in it’s infancy. Famous esports stars like doublelift have come out acknowledging the effect he had on them and how he inspired them. I personally remember watching Reckful 3 time and time again. He’s going to be missed, and I hope he’s remembered for how much he helped build the streaming and gaming community.