"Restoring/rebuilding quest"

Hi guys!

I’ve tried to figure out how to restore a “house” by completing a quest (something like this: https://youtu.be/Exbj4Aa6-KI?t=1m6s )

I’ve tried to look at the “door script” event in the modding tutorial to have an idea on how I could do this but with no success.

Is anyone so kind to help me with a step-by-step tutorial?
“A simple” house-with-no-roof and house-restored-with-roof quest would be enough.

I would really appreciate it!

Thanks to anyone who’s gonna help me :slight_smile:

Nobody knows?

Neither some hints on how to “start”?

It’s not simple, at least for me. The only thing I’ve done is change an npc into a smith.

You need:

  1. Script which handles the conditions, calling the respective dbr files for the swap.
  2. Quest logic/action that calls your lua script.
  3. Script entity in the map editor that will be swapped.

I started with the spirit guide swap and went from there. You could check out the seamstress quest and Barnabas’s waterpump restoration quest and start from there.