Retaliation damage on which attacks?

Hey everyone,

Sorry if this has been asked and answered before, but I can’t really find any answer specifically for what I’m looking for. I’m hoping to make myself a few builds that have retaliation damage built-in, and many items/skills/constellations have the “retaliation damage added to attack” side to them.
I’m not sure exactly which attacks it applies to, though. I’m looking to make a few Laceration/Forcewave spamming builds and am wondering if any Retaliation Damage that I get is added to those attacks as well. Or does this only cover the ‘Default attacks’?

Thanks in advance for any help!

“% Retaliation added to attack” works pretty much just like “% Weapon Damage”.

Your character has/can collect a pool of standard and % Retaliation damage (that you can see on your character window under the third tab). Enemies that melee you are dealt the total damage back in turn.

Retaliation damage added to attack is a stat that appears on select attacks or procs that deals a portion of the above damage without your enemy having to melee you.

There’s no way to make Blade Arc deal Retaliation damage as of now.

Forcewave only has the Pummeler which adds 12% but this is not a 2-handed weapon and thus cannot be used with Tremor to spam Forceeave.

Was afraid it wouldn’t. But it’s great to be sure.

Thanks a lot for the info! :slight_smile: