Retaliation Oppressor & Retaliation Warlord

[] Callagadra kill 1m16s

[] Ravager kill 1m



[] Callagadra kill 1m12s

[] Ravager kill 1m


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Is this build just meant for celestials?

I’m interested in trying it out but it lacks poison & aether resists. Is there a SR version of this with capped resists?

This is a setting for celestial

SR setting

You have non-GD stash version aswell? :wink:


The MI-item is 1 rare option, so it is not difficult to obtain

Crafted items were saved and loaded repeatedly

Its like GD stash light :slight_smile:

Yep, just GDStash already! One that sometimes comes to my mind when I play legit (but I resist it) is teleporting to i.e. Alkamos to kill him muck quicker.

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This is the setting video & Callagadra kill

I hope you can see the concept or skill of the build