Eons ago, I played I played a Retaliation character successfully. At that time I figured I wouldn’t be back, so I deleted everything so I’m coming back as new as a new born baby.
My question is, Retaliation as viable as it use to be.



Yes they are viable but mainly at end game, unless you have some twinked gear they are slow killers during the levelling phase and generally not recommended. See this guide and scroll down to the Retaliation section for more in-depth reasons why.

Don’t know your timeframe but since Forgotten Gods, a stat called Retaliation added to Attack has been added in a fair number of places that has helped the archetype immensely.

It will be brutal early and on a first character, Its pretty slow until 20 when you can put spined carapaces in everything, this item was nerfed a while ago. Still good and luxurious for early leveling retal characters.

Thanks for the information. I saw Squibbs Hardcore Retaliation. The one I had was based on Soldier-Shaman also. I have not played in years, needless to say I have nothing left. so no twinks available will be all self found from scratch. About three quarters through Ashes, I got burned out. Had been playing since beginning. I am old and very slow, so no hurry.

Lebalanced afk build is back

Ok, will look up.

Since I have nothing saved, rapidly ran out of space. Saving only greens and better at this point. Need desperately to get tons of money. This is hopefully a retal character, but you really don’t get good retal equipment until at least level 40.
At this time I need to sell everything I’m not presently using. Will use a pistol and shield and melee and shield.

If you are running low on space, use something like GD item assistant to store your stuff. My recommendation is to use the in-game loot filter to just punk out anything that is not Monster Infrequent (MI). If you need iron, all greens. But if you use the in-game item filter, you can easily learn what is an MI and what they offer for their useful flavor. Then when you can recognize by sight, you can quicksell the trash greens, check MI’s, and store/sell them as needed. Picking up every yellow is a waste of time in my opinion. Quantity of items dropped is key, regardless of the time you have to play.

Regarding your retaliation build: I can spot you perdition set in multiple tiers tomorrow if you want them. Its a total twink of your dude, but if you don’t care or rather, want to just play pure retaliation to 100, the set will carry you there. You can even just do empowered and giggle as stuff hits you. Let me know dude. Message me.

Thanks for the good advice.
White and yellow are a waste of time is true once greens start coming in a lot. Since MI’s are also green hard to tell which is worth having and what isn’t. I thought there use to be PlugY type available.
I’m quite familiar with the Perdition set, that is what I remember from years ago from the retaliation character I had. The other character I had back then was a pet. May start a second character as a pet.
Thanks for the offer, but I’m just plugging along. Right now the Briar Hound is doing all the work as I try to kick this old memory to work. I am very slow and methodical.
I believe the perdition set starts around level 4o, I’m at 26
Is there a list of the possible combinations of characters?

Up top has the link to builds for every expansion and vanilla, the post i linked should give you a cross board of class matchups.

you mean stash mods? yes, GD stash and Grim Dawn Item assistant.

highly recommend going Warlord if possible, doing your first/a “clean” character run when doing retal
there are some stuff you can buy and target farm to make your journey a little easier
for some reason my head is “fogging” out completely right now so i can’t remember how to do a proper/focused grimtools search but (if you unselect blue purple and yellow you get MIs and some faction stuff)
there should be a way for GT to list all the X retaliation stuff from MIs vendors crafts, but i’m spacing completely out on what search parameter that is @_@

Thanks everybody. Looks like I need to do a lot of reading for the next couple days to catch up even a little.
I don’t have Forgotten Gods. At my age I sincerely doubt I will get it.
I vaguely remember Grim Dawn Item Assistant.
Have been getting quite a bit of blues items so far. Still too low a level for them.
Time to settle down reading and make a decision on starting a second character. on the premise of trading back and forth as they advance together.

Sorry, No Forgotten Gods. Warlord requires.

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i know you said this

no idea what that means, since age shouldn’t really be a factor/hindrance? (if anything if you’re “old” you should grab all the experiences you could when you have the option)
^either way, i really really recommend Forgotten Gods, it’s so great, (and oathkeeper is awesome, and Warlord is amazeballs for Retaliation imo)
best wishes

I’m 90. I still have Kingdom of Amalur to play.


that’s such an awesome game too :blush: