Returning Looking for Build

Coming back to the game after about 2 years and looking for a fresh start. With current patch what are some builds that can solo self found and clear most/all content with some time? Thank you.

Check these 2 threads. 1st lists top 20 builds and 2nd is budget versions of first thread.


The easiest budget build imo is cold Rune of Haggarad infiltrator which is super easy to level with ABB, WoP, melee or whatever, and then goes budget endgame farming with the blue Silver Sentinel set and a super easy to get Spectral Longsword, and then upgrades to the purple Chillwhisper set.

Alternatively, just get a physical warlord and just go with whatever you find, Forcewave, Blade Arc, EoR, ranged Fervor, just about everything you can do with it is guaranteed top tier. Afaik, Cadence is one of the easiest to make budget/faction gear builds.

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