Returning player looking to get a second opinion on this Warlord-Retaliation-Aegis of Menhir build

Hello gamers!
This being my first post on this forum I feel I should give a brief introduction of myself.
I’ve been enjoying GD since it was in its infancy and Titan Quest before that. Played a lot of the core game and the Ashes of Malmouth but took a long break before the release of Forgotten Gods. But I’m back baby! And loving it more than ever. Even managed to rope in a couple of friends so finally have someone to share my stored gear with. Never killed a celestial (but definately looking to get to it) and have only just dipped my toes into SR.

Now on to the meat of the matter.

As the title suggest I need a second opinion on the build. Not sure if any items are BIS. I have plans for what I think might be BIS such as Callagadra’s Visage, Iron Maiden’s Shoulderguards of Blades and a couple of better rings but have yet to aquire them.


This is my first go at an Oathkeeper build of any kind and so far I’m enjoying the heck out of it. It’s tanky enough for 150-170 Galdiator Crucible and deals in my opinion has decent overall dps with the exeption of dealing with some ranged heroes. They just take a bit longer to go down but rarely if ever pose any real threat.

The concept was “Living pinball” i.e. Blitz, Vire’s might, some random glyph charge ability and Aegis of menhir. This has since been refined down to Blitz, Aegis (with a lot of retal-dmg added) and Glyph of Seismic Strength. The idea was kind of a meme at first but I found that adding retaliation made it work pretty well.

Toughts? Feelings? Opinions?

As I am new to the community I would be very greatful for any response.

Best regards / BustaDaddy

Interesting concept of physical retal Aegis I’d considered myself but never tried.

A few general suggestions: retal only does damage when you’re hit, so having your DA too high can reduce your damage because you’re not getting hit. You said you’re happy with your damage and tankiness so it’s not a huge deal, and Aegis applies the retal damage regardless of DA.
You should get Assassin’s Blade. It will help immensely and you can move some points from physique to cunning to up your OA to help it proc. If you always play with a friend who has Ass Blade, only one will apply and you can skip it.

I’d also put a point in Smite to take advantage of the retal-to-attack modifier on your shield when normal attacking when Shield Smash is on cooldown.

Max Rebuke in Oathkeeper for more % retal and flat physical to Blitz.

I’m sure you’re aware, but your chest, helmet, and belt have mythical versions that are direct upgrades.

Thanks for the feedback!

It’s a fun playstyle fore sure. 10/10 will highly recommend!

Will definately try lowering my DA as wierd as it sounds. Also one point in Smite sounds like a worthwhile investment. Tbh I must have overlooked that stat on the shield.

About the head,chest and belt they are just placeholders. My vison of the finalized build would be something like this.

I took your advice and made some changes and this is where I’m at right now. GrimTools
Not the highest dps imaginable but a lot of staying power and most importantly fun to play!

Fun to play is the best benchmark :+1:
I’d highly recommend removing the Mark of Dreeg in your weapon and replace it with a Seal of Might or Blades because it’s converting 10% of your physical damage (including retal) to acid.
Some less important suggestions:
Consider changing your chest, amulet, and Lifegiver Signet components for a Living Armor or Sanctified Bone, Seal of Annihilation (Tainted Heart is a good temporary piece), or Bloodied Crystal, respectively.
Korvan Spaulders would probably be better than your current shoulders for the conversion and points to Rebuke. Conversion works on retal, too. Took me forever to figure that out.

Your belt is unaugmented, btw.

These are purely suggestions. I strongly believe that if you’re having fun, the build works. There’s plenty of busted builds in the Compendium if you want to be super OP, and Warlord can get really, REALLY OP.

Do I feel like a fool! Mark of Dreeg was only supposed to be temporary as I was fiddling around with different main hand choices. Getting right on that :sweat_smile:. Same with the belt. Waiting for a good multires ugdenbog belt or something like that.
I didn’t know about convertion working on retal. Does make sense tho. Huge thanks for that info!

About the comps in armour and neck they are placeholders until I get enough ugdenbloom. Been gearing up friends aswell and didn’t want to be a total lootgoblin-hoarder-mcscrooge about my recourses. But yes you are absolytely right about there beening upgrades for those slots

I’m sure warlord can be a heck of a lot stronger with righteous fervor and the right BIS gear but like you sid fun to play is the way to go I feel. Also it’s not like this build is weak. It kinda slaps thb.

Thanks again for teh feedback!! I really appreciate it!

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