Returning player, what do I do now?

Hello all grim dawn fans.

Due to alot of studying required I havent touched this game in about 2 years. I now have some spare time and decided to start playing again but im not really sure what to do.

Do I play the expansion veteran > elite > ultimate?
I have a blademaster almost full BiS and all factions etc. Do I play on that char or are blademasters shit now?
What is the go to way to farm gear now?

Crucible if you can handle it, Roguelikes (SoT/BoC/PV/AG) if you can’t.

Blademasters are fine, though if it’s two years old it could be significantly outdated.

Expansion increases max level to 100 and also higher gear items available so BiS may not be the same now. New Devotions too so you might find an even better fit for your character. You can now buy back Devotion points at the Spirit Guide when you find one again.

I would roll a new character. Choose one of the new classes from Malmouth.

Is there any new way to level in malmouth? Or is it the same old?

I´d say take your Blademaster and head into the AoM content. It´s gonna be harder, but that way you´ll be able to upgrade your gear faster. The new factions sell mythical stuff.

Also: welcome back. :wink:

Same old, run around, explore everywhere, find stuff and things. :smiley:

Malmouth Resistance (one of the new factions) sell a Potion at Revered that increases experience gain by 100% for 1 hour. Might be an idea to try and go for it as soon as you can if you plan on levelling up any new characters.

There is also a new hidden set that can be equipped at Level 1 that increases experience gain by 40% in a similar vein to Gazerman.

How do I get that set? Asking for a friend :wink:

Just dinged 100 and cleared ultimate on my BM. So where do I farm to get the items I need for crucible 170? Any new spots in malmouth? Is it still the beehive that we clear now? :smiley:

Although I’m not a huge Crucible fan, most often I see the Crucible players getting their gear from, well, Crucible. It has huge loot rewards, and probably the highest chance of dropping items. Start at whatever level your at, get as high as you can, and farm that tier for awhile until the gear you need starts dropping.

Other alternatives: farm areas that you still need Hate from for enemy fractions. A very nice path for general farming for me is the “Kriegs set” path (even if you don’t want kriegs set). I usually grab Terrnox (just south of Malmouth outskirts portal in a cellar there), then just run the fleshwork. Plenty of Named and bosses on that path.

Another popular one is still Bastion of Chaos (especially if you need Cthon hate)

Is 105 the max attribute points now? Or can you get more?

I have been doing runs of the new Instance with great success. I have average 5 legendary items per 15 mins run. Not quite crucible level but its helping gear my WB for crucible.