Rewarded a legendary but didn't get it?

I got Final Stop as a reward for killing the final boss but it didn’t appear in my inventory. Is this because I was level 42?

I don’t see it anywhere :frowning:

Edit: Just checked again. The reward screen from the NPC said I’d be rewarded Final Stop, but instead I got Black Scourge??? Any ideas?

This issue has been identified by CRATE and will be fixed in an upcoming release.


Thanks. That sucks :frowning:

If you are wanting the item that the game indicated you were initially going to receive, you could always download GD Stash, create it and import it into your game.

For every problem, there is a solution. Write that down. :cool:


I tried using that mod but it wont work. I try to search for an item but it brings back a debug string error.

Is there any other way for me to get The Final Stop?


I would suggest posting the issues you are having with GD Stash in the corresponding forum thread found here.

The mod author, Mamba is extremely helpful and is always willing to help community members such as yourself figure out how to get his mod working. His response times are also very good so you shouldn’t be waiting for a response for long.

Importing the Blueprint you want with GD Stash will solve your problem immediately. I just completed the Sacred Ashes quest for Kymon’s Chosen and was notified that I had received Savage as my Blueprint but there was a Juggernaut waiting for me in my inventory. With the help of GD Stash, 60 seconds later I had the correct Savage in my inventory and the Juggernaut deleted via GD Stash :slight_smile:

There is a little bit of work to get GD Stash up and running, not alot, but you sound like me when I first started using it - you need a little bit of assistance.

Mamba will be happy to help where he can and trust me, once you started becoming familiar with GD Stash, you will be very happy you persisted.


without seeing the error I can only speculate. I assume you never imported the database.

Is there any other way for me to get The Final Stop?

GD Sidekick


Thank you Syn and mamba that sorted my problem! Very much appreciated :slight_smile: