Rework Attributes: Physique, Cunning and Spirit

That’s not entirely fair.

Often times these “flashy” things are worth more than the benefit you’d get from going for a more defensive item/devotion/skill point distribution to allow for a full spirit/cunning dump.

or you add CC effectiveness and nerf autohits/autocharges/uber-movespeed enemies like wendigos, so that there is a wholly other dimension of defense instead of the one-dimensional statcheck we have now.


And make kiting casters even better.

You know why Wendigos, Aetherial Colossi and Hulks do that? To specifically give trouble to any kiting build. They are the thing that is meant to give trouble to kiting builds.

Without these enemies with gap closers, kiting builds would literally take no damage because nothing, and i mean nothing, couldn’t do jack squat about them.

Lmao. So you mean a kiting caster who’s still levelling?

Norzan, out of curiosity, why do you think kiting casters are doing so well this meta?

I mean…the weren’t ALWAYS meta

On all levels of play. These enemies are purposely made to be this way and slowing them and nerfing them would defeat their entire point. You might as well delete them at that point, same for all other gap closers from other enemies.

They can deal most damage while running around, don’t have to care for fumble and impaired aim and so on. Vitality casters and caster Vindicator speak for themselves.

You’re absolutely right, my apologies. I misread boromonokli’s suggestion.

I thought he was suggesting adding CC-res to one of the stats - in which case, it would benefit all other build archetypes significantly.

Maybe adding stun/freeze/petrify res to physique, and trap/slow/disrupt res to cunning is the way to go.

That way, all other archetypes:

  • DW melee and range
  • S&B tanks
  • 2H melee/range

will be able to better deal with CC’s.

Kite casters on the other hand will then be forced to choose between a more defensive stat point allocation vs, the classic spirit dump.

Furthermore, making these changes wouldn’t make end game bosses that much more dififcult seeing that they are damn near impossible to CC. Items which do give -x% cc rr can be improved a little to cope with these changes.

And that shouldn’t be too difficult as they are like what…5? items which grant cc RR.

@ya1 - what do you think?

I personally don’t like this idea. Attribute points are fine in current state. No need for Stephan Zweig’s unification. :frowning:

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Then what alternative is there?

Because as it currently stands, CC-res is mostly mastery dependent for 2 reasons:

  • Not all masteries offer skills with CC-res
  • Your choice of masteries will influence your damage type. This in turn dictates your devotion pathing, and itemization. which is why damage types like acid have near 0 cc-res,

I don’t know. I think attributes are good.

I’m all for phys res on physique. It’s thematic and everyone needs phys res, not everyone has it.

Cc res are supposed to be scarce. I wouldn’t say no to free stun res because my favorite builds tend to struggle with it (if it wasn’t for Wyrmscale Footpads…) but can’t have it all. I’d rather see Wraithwalker boots a bit remodeled to be more appealing to cold and aether (no one needs vit res!). Stun res on physique, disrupt res on spirit and nothing on cunning (oa+dmg already strong) - if i couldn’t abstain from a vote.

Ok. Leave it as it is then.

But RE phys res on physique…I don’t know if I’d support that. Phys res is also supposed to be scarce, and it’d make end game monsters significantly harder for physical damaged builds

I’m talking about 1% from 150 physique. Would hardly get more than 10%. That would save many builds from oblivion. Imo phys hits too hard these days, especially when many champion trash mobs have rr and some of them even stackable rr.

But it’s not like I’d give my life for this idea. I think attributes are more or less okay.

That would also increase physical damage on most nems by about 6%, which is almost the equivalent of a permanent shattered mutator for physical builds.

Right. Was just me spitballing. :stuck_out_tongue:

He was suggesting CC res to a stat, i accidentaly put that in my quote. I was responding to nerfing fast enemies and nerfing enemy gap closers.

I agree that attributes are more or less fine at the moment. More augments giving DA made physique not as as important as before because you can make up for the lost DA with augments.