Right-click on recipe sells it rather than learning it

Only when looking at a vendor’s wares of course.

If it tells you that right-click does something it should not do something else.

it’s a static tooltip, so it’s accurate for the intended use
however whenever you have a vendor window open, and right click any item, you sell it, regardless of blueprint or not - and blueprint tooltip being static wont change for that specific scenario
just how it is, not really a “bug”
*you can immediately buy back the blueprint/anything you accidentally sold by choosing the vendor’s 5th? far right tab

Maybe not a bug, but one of those confusing moments that I’m sure happened to most players at some point. Same happens with components when you try to use them at a merchant. I’m not sure how I would fix it, though. Probably make right-click always use an item, even at a merchant. For quick selling, you’d have to press Shift+LMB, same as you would to move items to smuggler. Now that I think about it, smuggler works correctly, so just make merchant’s UI do the same.

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