Ring of Royal Grandeur

Implying that illusions are somehow insulting to the original artist has it rather backwards. On the contrary, it gives item appearances that a player would otherwise overlook (because the item’s stats don’t match their build) a chance to shine.

The artist behind much of the item art was one of the most pumped to see the feature added…

Let’s behave in this forum…shall we?

That would be one hell of a tooltip on that ring. :eek:

I think that would have to be one of the rarest set items in the game if it were to be added as a universal set ring as well. Overall it doesnt sound worth the effort.

There are some sets on 5/5 have awesome results and skills i cant deny the fact that i would like this since i use other weapons with 4/5 or 3/4 of the sets and i cant get the maxxed result but come on man.
EVERY build would have this ring on. The option to convert items to other pieces of the sets in FG covers the most of any needs if you are missing a piece.
The ring would blow the game out of the current balance it has/will have.

Actually, I was thinking recently of a end-star bonus for a badass constellation.

That’s beside the point :rolleyes:

RoRG. My favourite item from D3! I would be ultra happy to see something like that in GD, too.

Sorry to disappoint you. :smiley:

Slightly on topic…

I’ve started playing Grim Dawn again recently after having not played it for a long while and one thing I’ve noticed is that item support for specific builds is severely limited and, like it or not, VERY SIMILAR TO DIABLO 3. Limited in that there is generally only one set of items that support a specific build, occasionally two. Sure there are a lot of different builds you can play, but when every player who makes a similar build is pigeonholed into using the same gear it really feels lame. You can argue that builds can be supported by suboptimal gear and still be ok but wanting less than the best defies human nature and there are more important aspects of life than video games where our energy used to defy human nature should be spent. Honestly, skill modifications on items were a great idea, but the way they implemented on set items murdered itemization diversity. Set items being the most powerful items in the game already sucks a la Diablo 3. Skill modifications should only exist on non set items and on more than one item slot with more than one modification option for each skill. Then you’d actually have to make a decision about the gear you use; whether or not the skill mods outweigh the set bonuses and which skill mods to use, etc.

My experience theory crafting as I was getting back into Grim Dawn went as follows:
Type a skill into the item database, if there was a set that supports it, boring, move on to the next skill. I settled on a character using component skills because I don’t want to spoon fed.

TLDR: Set items as the most powerful items is shit game design.

There is no one that is forcing you do play with full sets. Grim Dawn is a single player game without leaderboards leauges etc.

Being grateful for which.

Except sets aren’t the most powerful items in the game. There are non set items that are flat out better than set items, some of them come with powerful procs or auras. Not to mention some non set items are build enablers, more than some sets.

There are always exceptions, but generally speaking sets are better.

should sets be the worst item(s) in the game?

I would say that the best items in Grim Dawn are the filthy hard to get double rare MI’s

Not really? A lot of builds don’t rely on sets, or at least on the big sets with 4/5 pieces. I don’t know what you consider build diversity, but it seems to be really narrow if you consider sets better. I can even name some sets that are weak like Ulzuin and Dawnbreaker, and some are just decent like Diviner and Black Flame Covenant. The Valdun Rifle is so bad that hardly anyone uses it in Valdun builds, instead opting for Silverbolt.

I have done a Devouring Swarm build without Wildblood and it worked just fine.

Sets aren’t better by default.

Maybe I just need to play the game without legendaries.

Nope, I have about 30 level 100 alts, and I have tried to utilized all the end-game sets with my alts. Sets are guaranteed end-game viable but they are not necessarily better. A lot of completed sets even have to sacrifice important slots and that makes them worse than incomplete sets with compatible non-set items.

If there is something like RoRG, then yes, sets would be generally better in every case, but good thing we don’t have that in GD.

Play the game you think makes it fun, challenging and creative.

Don’t tell me how to live my life! I’m going to play the game the way I think it’s most fun, challenging, and inspiring!

Y’all need RNGesus.