Ring of Royal Grandeur

You have that nice piece of gear that would truly give an “umph” to your build, but you can’t use it because there is an important set set piece on that slot already. I WISH there was way to get the effect of the Ring of Royal Grandeur from Diablo, where you get the set bonus as if you have one extra piece.



(Now that your hopes are crushed, I fundamentally dislike that item in D3 and would be strongly against implementing anything like that in GD. This should help you complete sets in Forgotten Gods though.)

Tbh i feel large sets are very detrimental to build diversity. When a 5 piece set is BIS for your build, that means you literally only have 4 or so pieces that you can choose, everything else must be from that set.

It means 5 pieces of your char must be always the same and there’s no alternative without it being weaker.

This is why i like smaller sets, when you can mix and match, or non sets.

Like in path of exile, there are no sets that i remember. That means you think about what you want in each slot. While in d3 you know your class has a 4+ piece set so that takes half your gear slots. The other half is up to you.

That makes me wonder though, it should be possible to create a mod that goes through every set with more than 2 pieces and makes the last bonus activate 1 item earlier.

Or even easier, a mod that removes all set bonuses

Grim Dawn has solid gamebility, Grim Dawn no need this item.

And to clean up most of content and as this game is not a always-online multiplayer play-that-one-op-build grind-race, your build doesn’t need to have BIS everywhere or be a god tier 4:25 cruci farmer.

I also recently though about D3, this item and the horadric cube “special abilities” - that they would be nice for Grim Dawn too.
Then it hit me - everything that D3 done in terms of builds was power inflation + use BIS powers or stay low forever.

The best thing in Grimdawn is that actually you can play with equipment and builds for a long time, adjusting it to your playstyle and to what feels fun for you.

Or if you need a cruci farmer- there are plenty of guides here with low equipment requirement.

Actually most of the legendary sets are 4 pieces only, the only 5-pieces one are the masteries set (for a grand total of 9 sets). and even these sets have the most powerful bonus (+ 2 to the mastery skills) unlocked with 4 pieces.

as for the other sets, they generally (but not always) cover the head/shoulder/chest slots, that lets a lot of flexibility on the other parts. the it’s up to you if you want to lose a bonus for a better piece of gear (when the set as a weapon slot it can be the case). but you still retain the excitation to complete a set because you gain access to an exclusive skill you can build around if you want.

it’s fine imo but ofc you can disagree.

There is that shield that adds extra range to Drain Essence and would be nice to use. However, removing a piece from the Uroboruuk’s set makes it so much weaker that it defeats the purpose, thus it is as if the shield does not exist in the loot pool.

I understand the issue with power creep. It is an unfortunate drawback of these games. And kind of unavoidable. The upcoming expansion is exciting for, among other things, that little amount of power creep we all crave.

Not all items should be seen as potential end-game items but rather have usages in transition periods of builds.

There are many builds with full sets that could benefit from having one of the items replaced by a more powerful non-set one

I hated farming bounties for that thing, personally i dont feel like the item set bonuses are as game changing in grim dawn to where your handicapped without a full set like you are in D3 though.

Even with almost a full set you can do almost everything in the main game. Crucible is a bit different but i dont really play it so i dont know there. I think transmutation will fix most of the issues, but its not supposed to be a cake walk to get a full set like its is in D3.

I feel like them handing you a new set at the start of the season make the whole thing boring because then its just a matter of farming for the same item again except ancient or primal. Thats why i dont play Diablo 3 anymore.

define handicapped. D2 is definitely doable with low gear.

edit: never mind, I mistook d3 for d2.

Same here.

After so many hours in GD I continue to find enjoyment because i can still find items that i have never seen before (I never look at grimtools item db to see what items exist, it spoils the fun). For example, today I found this ring, i was like wow this is EPIC :smiley: And i thought i have seen them all already.

In D3 this feeling wears off pretty quickly. After a mere fraction of the time I spent in GD, I have seen every single item in D3 including ancient legs. Grinding for the primals just to beat a couple more grifts doesn’t seem like a fun time to me.

Oh well, I wonder how it turns out when the Shattered Realm has opened and people manage to go deeper and deeper…

Well, you would handicap a ring slot to get that buff, and if everyone had the buff ofc it would be powercreep.

D3 kinda simplified it because set items can pretty much roll the exact same stats as everything else so it feels like you aren’t just grinding a piece for the set bonus but also for the actual stats it gives.

Why this game is leagues better than D3.

Keep D3 garbage far away from grim dawn.

LOL the set transmuter mechanic has been in D3 for a looooong time. So what is d3 garbage?

The D3 garbage part is the fact that it is a multiplayer/competitive game, thus forcing out all suboptimal builds.

The ring of royal grandeur mechanic that the op was asking for. Then he asked for a way to complete sets easy like in D3 (kania’s Cube) guess Grim dawn added the transmuted person?

I don’t use transmuted person to get items or change appearance. 1 no fun gambling for items, rather leech crucible games and at least do something to “find” items. 2 changing appearances is like playing Barbie dress up didn’t do it in D3 no desire in grim dawn.

Changing the way items look is like a slap in the face to the designer who put in the time to create its look. Like going to a museum of art to look at the Mona Lisa but bringing a paint brush to change it how you see fit.

LMAO, now this is a perfect example of False Equivalency fallacy bullshit.

This is in NO WAY a slap in the face of the designer, since he already did the art if thse items anyways, so all it does, is to allow the player to use their favorite art on their favorite gear, further adding to the character customization and roleplay value.

The OP only asked about whether a function, similar to that of the Ring of Royal Grandeur, would exist in GD. Noting more, nothing less.

It could if a modder wanted to add it. Just create one ring and add it as a set piece to every single set in the game.

Not really worth imo but if someone wanted to do it… there it is.

Maybe I’m not a smart person or maybe cause I only have an associates degree from the year 2000. But all I read in response to my example of changing the Mona Lisa is a bunch of college mumbo jumbo bs new age smarty pants words trying to look bigger and better than the rest.

Have fun with the Barbie dress up mode if how a character in a video game looks means so much to you then it’s time to re evaluate ones lofe.