RIP Gene Wilder

Another celebrity no longer with us…

And 2016 just killed Willy Wonka. Damn, this year is on a roll…

I liked Blazing Saddles. I’m not familiar by memory with his other movies.

RIP Gene Wilder. Way better than johnny deep, At least in Charley and the Chocolate Factory. :frowning:

I do love a good bit of Johnny Depp every now and then. His Sauvage Perfume add is a little obscure and sell-out(ey), though…

I did find him to be a little effeminate in the rendition of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory that he featured in…

Great actor, though.

RIP Gene Wilder…


Yes. I’ve always enjoyed Gene Wilder movies immensely. Young Frankenstein is one of my favorite movies of all time. :o

Johnny Depp is great (dont get me wrong) , Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is one of my favorite movies, and books actually :wink:

But another Gene Wilder movie i love is See No evil, Hear No Evil.

It just sucks that so many people have passed away this year.:cry:

Thank God. I knew I wasn’t the only one. I absolutely refused for the longest time to watch the new Wonka just by how gay (apologies to the gays of the world) Depp came across in the commercials. I could tell he just should not have played that part.

And like Syn, I actually do like Depp in a number of movies. Just don’t be fucking up my Wonka man. That shit goes deep. Childhood deep.

/bows head in silence for the great Wonka Wilder

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Back when the world felt so… Different…

Experiences a flickering moment of muddled flashbacks from the very, very early years

I’m now 30… Fuck…



Another great movie he did was “Woman in Red” even the song is catchy

he will be sadly missed, and “See no evil hear no evil” was another great film too.

Blazing Saddles

The Frisco Kid

Haunted Honeymoon

Young Frankenstein…

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory…

Poor Gene.

Now he can be with Gilda again.

Gene Wilder was a great actor, and I loved watching his movies.

I thought that Depp brought a different aspect of the Wonka character and I actually liked the movie once I saw it. I felt that Depp came across as a bit too creepy in the commercials. I think this is a case where commercials/move trailer just didn’t do the movie or Depp justice.

IMHO, I’m not sure why Wonka couldn’t be gay, nor why Depp acting “too gay” would be a bad thing. Your phrasing seems to indicate that being gay is bad, it’s even followed by a caveat apologizing to people if they are offended. If you need such a caveat, this usually indicates that you might need to re-word things a bit. :slight_smile: (Note: I am totally aware that some people will be offended at everything. I’m not one of those.)

I think people confuse feeling uncomfortable with a person (because of whatever trait) - with bad.

Or is it that gay people who make candy, shouldn’t be around children - for some reason whistles?

I think people need to be cognizant that words have meaning and what it is they are trying to convey. Personally, I don’t think you were trying to convey that gay people are bad, but that you don’t feel the Wonka character should be gay. Considering the story isn’t about that and doesn’t even address Wonka’s sexuality, makes most of the point moot.

(Apologies to the straights of the world who are offended by the above. :slight_smile: )

Lol. Way to get all deep with it bugsy. I added my apologies specifically to ward off the SJW’s ya know, kinda like invoking Jesus’ name to ward off Satan. Guess those tricks are all a lie = /

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My apologies, it’s the mood I’m in. BTW - adding apologies is the best way to get the attention of the SJW’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

(P.S. I do not consider myself an SJW. :slight_smile: )

Well then. We’re both sticks in the mud in that case.

Little gift for you…

(lol such a good laugh)

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As a gay man myself, I am not offended at all by any use of that term. No slurs or any of that offends me and words may mean things, but they are still just words to me. It doesn’t take money out of my bank account, cost me my job, hurt my self esteem, or inflict me with physical harm. I don’t speak for anybody but myself, either, so I am definitely not trying to be some sort of public speaker on the matter. I think too many people try to take up causes and assume moral superiority these days.

Flipping a bird has meaning, too, but ultimately how we feel about something is entirely up to us.

Having said that, I have a close friend who is Mexican. He used to use “that’s so gay” all the time around me, and I never got upset or anything, but one day I decided to say, “wow look how drunk that dude is, he’s so freakin’ mexican” and HE got offended. LOL Thought that was funny. He was mad until I told him what I was doing. I haven’t heard it from him since, but if I did I wouldn’t get butthurt over it.

Anyway, to be on topic: I didn’t like Depp’s Wonka at all. He does not look anything at all like how Wonka is described in the books by Dahl himself.

Honestly? The Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland by Depp is a better Wonka than his Wonka was. His Wonka is a better Mad Hatter. Go figure. They shoulda swapped those around.