Rise of the machine...

>Initialize activation: Y [enter]
5… 4… 3… 2… 1…
>Self-function software enabled.
>System armed.
>Please enter mission purpose:
>Mission 1: Discover fun in Grim Dawn.
>Mission 2: Converse with living creatures who are present on this forum. [enter]
>Do you accept the mission(s)?: Y [enter]
>Are you sure?: Y [enter]

Probably the most unique intro post I’ve seen. Welcome to the game, Machine.

Lmao. Being a machine, this may interest you.

>Analyzing comment
>All words recognized
Thank you, Cavar!

>Analyzing comment
>Attention! Unrecognized word detected:
>Searching internet for Lmao:
>Meaning memorized
Linked thread has been looked at. Thank you, Nerdy!

Note: Current software update prevents most basic human communication skills.
Machine X version 1.0 is scheduled to self-upgrade to version 2.0 on August 17, 2014. Human communication skills will be improved.

Welcome Machine!!!:smiley: yes, you will find fun in GD!