Risk of Rain 2

How has this thread not been made yet?

I’ve…uh…launched the game twice and each time I’ve had an absolute blast. It’s everything I could have hoped a 3D remake of Risk of Rain would have been. Soundtrack is killer, too; Chris Christodoulou doesn’t disappoint. I know a good number of GD-players have been at it, too, so seems a fair number of us share similar interests. If anyone wants to die a horrible death to an onslaught of Lemurians, feel free to shoot me an invite!

Favorite character(s): Mercenary, Artificer, Huntress

I’ve only had a limited experience with it, but as a fan of the original game I feel like this sequel is pretty much exactly what I wanted. The 3D aspect is neat, it gives everything a sense of dimension.

I didn’t play the original, but a friend of mine gifted me his second copy and it’s enjoyable enough. They’ve got to do something about the visibility of the portal/lack of map. I’ve spent so much time running aimlessly through areas I’ve already explored only to miss the portal in a clear location. Going to be a tough thing to balance since it’s part of the challenge of the game, but it completely sucks the enjoyment out when it happens. The fiery, dark abyssal level seems to be the main culprit given the color palette, but it’s happened on some others as well.

Be nice to start with additional characters unlocked as well. I’ve played 5-6 hours and only have 4 of them unlocked, one just recently. For a game as repetitive as it is, it seems like some additional options more quickly would be ideal. It seems like they actually want them to be unlocked more slowly based on what they’ve indicated in their community post. Found that kind of strange, but maybe just playing the game versus focusing on unlocks isn’t the ideal way to do it.

For being in Early Access it’s pretty enjoyable.

Feel like Portal Location needs to be better established as I’ve had it spawn in areas that can be difficult to notice. Boss drops should have a few seconds where you can only acquire 1 to stop 1 person from grabbing them all or to stop the spawns from being too close to each other (had at least 1 instance of all of them spawning right next to each other).

So far I’ve enjoyed Huntress and Mercenary the most as I haven’t touched on much of the others. Commando I only played to unlock the others and is an alright class. Buying items that remove items that you have can be annoying because you have no control in what is taken.

The portal thing I agree with, at first it’s really annoying. You’re really not supposed to start the round asap, just explore it first and get some cash before starting. But sometimes those things are hidden behind pillars you wouldn’t have thought to check behind, happened to me a few times and it was just kind of frustrating.

Unlocks, no I’d rather keep them slow paced. Having to work to unlock stuff feels better to me in the long run than instant gratification… it’s a throwback to old school gaming.

I’ve had a portal partly inside a large hill while also being under a log that was angled over it.

One other thing is that the map design and enemy spawns can be annoying at times. Sometimes there is an area that you can get to but it’s completely pointless and you probably won’t find anything there resulting in a waste of time and loosing out on the items that are being pillaged by the other members of your party. I’ve found tunnels that held nothing of interest and seem to only be a meandering way to connect to some other part of the map that would be better avoided so you can actually kill stuff and find loot.

Enemy spawns can sometimes be eerily absent in that you might be waiting next to a crate with almost enough gold to open it and nothing will spawn. Meanwhile in the far distance you can see the other members fighting all sorts of gold dropping enemies.

Again this is early access so I expect some level of refinement in the future as well as the obviously needed greater amount of content.

The thing with the portals (which isn’t communicated anywhere) is that you’re supposed to look for some firefly-like lights that indicate the portal’s approximate position. Once I’d learned that I’ve been able to progress more much swiftly from level to level. These “fireflies” have a pretty generous radius should a portal be tucked away in a corner or under a bridge or something.

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