Ritualist Build (What I can improve)

Before I post the grim tools link keep in mind I’m starting over so lacking items,recipes,and the like currently its at 70 and about to start Elite…Also keep in mind for now both the Medal stays as its part of my Vitality Primal strike build and I do lack Dying god as I wasn’t sure I could survive the health degen (Using scales currently) I intend to stick with Vitality Primal strike but yeah any other improvements I’d be grateful for I know my resists are a bit lacking but as I said lack recipes and components as well as legendaries what I have is what I’ve found on this character! https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1vdB7Z

Definitely go for Dying God, the hp degen is actually negligible and it provides the attack speed you really need. Btw the key to building is to max its main damage skill, here Primal Strike. Then Storm Surge for single target damage or Torrent for AoE.

You can take a look at this build even though it’s a conjurer to see what choices were made :

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Does storm surge get converted to vitality? I know Torrent didn’t…I have never had a build that could handle Dying god its why I went for Scales I am willing to try it but currently my hp already goes up and down a lot more than I like.

Storm Surge is damage added to the main skill so it gets converted, unlike Torrent that is another skill on top of PStrike. Don’t worry vitality swims in life leech to handle Dying God.

My experience with Dying god was more on a caster build (Cabalist) my first 100 it always had me dreading it popping I eventually switched the cabalist to Summoner before my old pc died and all my items and such died with it ha ha. I will admit I’ve never tried Dying god on Ritualist so may eventually give it a try. Alright then I’ll add to storm surge wasn’t sure given my experience with torrent ha ha.

Torrent needs Global Lightning/Elemental to Vitality, but it’s not a huge DPS loss if it isn’t 100% converted as @Duchy pointed out, and I noticed in my tests as well. I’m still refining my build from the new patch changes.

Also, Scales got nerfed this patch. You might consider going for Revenant as an alternative for the Flat RR. Don’t worry about the HP degen from Dying God as Vitality builds tend to have large amounts of lifesteal.

How is your faction reputation? It might be worthwhile to farm some rep before pushing on. The resistance augments, which were recently buffed, will help a lot. You should also be able to find some upgrades from the faction vendors. Your pants in particular need to be upgraded. Even a magic pair with some resists would be better.

While you do not need to cap all resists for the beginning of Ultimate, it is a good idea to cap the key resists for each area. This can be done with the help of the basic components: molten skin, silk swatch, wardstone, purified salt, etc. Many of these are common drops, or are crafted from common drops, and have recipes that are sold by faction vendors.

You have healing from scales, Wendigo’s Mark, Wendigo Totem, and ADCtH. Don’t worry about the Dying God health drain. That being said, Dying God may or may not be worth it for other reasons. You might get more feedback if you fully fill in your skill point allocation in Grimtools. It seems you have many unallocated points.

Yeah to be honest I didn’t use them as I was getting through Normal. I mostly forgot about them given how well I was doing with Totem and vitality primal strike. I may do that I have malmouth the highest I just unlocked the council chamber I may have devil’s crossing tied with that not sure. Others are around 2 so not low but not exactly high either. Yeah I need better pants just hadn’t gotten any drops that were all that good.

Check the thread of @teppieteptep build. We talked about vitality PS there and the options you have.

Alright so here’s the updated Ritualist got new pants,managed to scrounge together a few things to up my resistances for elite (Chaos is still rather low.) And added points to a few skills. I’ll check out the build Dutchy thanks! https://www.grimtools.com/calc/wV1vdB7Z