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Since I’ve been drooling over Mythical Dreegal’anore ever since it was put into testing, I thought it was past time someone found a way to utilize it. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to figure out a good build which utilized the retaliation to attack aspects of the item… although I’m sure something exists that would work.


  • DoT build - allows for kiting
  • Finally a useful build with DEE
  • Cool AF - green acid effects everywhere
  • High Damage
  • High mobility
  • Good armor/ Physical resist / ADctH


  • Requires good piloting (can’t just facetank)
  • All those green acid effects mean lots of lag. I had to reduce my setting even lower than my normal low end to even attempt to clear crucible… even then it still chugs at times.
  • No slow resist / Non-capped movespeed
  • Reliance on greens to cap resist - more on this later
  • Mild piano - requires balancing use of multiple cooldown abilities

The Build:

The main damage dealer here obviously is DEE… but all of the skills are needed to get the most of it. Poison dots of 350-370k are possible on the dummy, while throwing out 100-200k crits from your other skills. Vire and DEE will heal you to full in most situations. Judgement bound to bat will give near constant procs as long as an enemy is with 5.3 meter range of heart of wrath, or a guaranteed proc when used. Bloody pox on guardians gaze will bring a steady supply of eyes spinning around you providing some weapon damage to leech some life from.

The greens are open to different affixes which are realistically farmable. You just need 1 elemental resist prefix or suffix and x2 pierce resist prefixes or suffixes.

SR build --> https://www.grimtools.com/calc/dVbkD5kZ
New crucible set up --> https://www.grimtools.com/calc/gZwJPQjV (credit to MadLee for item ideas)
Slow resist does help clear speed a bit, but difference between the new sr skill layout and the version used for crucible video is small… a good portion of crucible time change can be attributed to not getting posionous mutator and increasing the damage on DEE by investing in blood burst. (nice boost to damage)

SR 70 boss stage —> https://plays.tv/s/MGxSSCsVBEr6
SR is tricky, you will die occasionally but with the right piloting it is possible. I plan on seeing if I can work my way up to SR 75 in time.

Crucible 170 7 min clear —> https://plays.tv/s/MGsnH9Ui9rim
The crucible build feels a bit more squishy without the stonetreaders extra armor, but seemed to give a bit of a boost to clear time. Will do more testing on the build I used on SR to see if comparable times are possible with similar mutators.

Failed @170 original build with mad mutators/bosses —> https://plays.tv/s/MGZh4HgVNmzf
This video does not do justice to the beauty that is all of these skills with maxed out video settings… sadly my pc cant handle it outside of fighting a dummy lol

Mad Queen 10seconds —> https://plays.tv/s/MGtlo8qxi5gG
Here I turned by video settings up a bit so you can see how the green effects really look in game

I didnt get to do many runs with this one, but this one actually has the worst clear speed of them… and I died on 170 to double alek + benjar. This was the only one I tried to record so here it is. I had poisonous mutator throughout the entire run. (15% more monster poison resist) So this more or less show worst case for time when you add that together with my bad play on certain stage. With better mutators, a better computer, and a better pilot this is a sub 7 min build EZ.


reserved +1

Love it, nice build!

really nice to see some use of this set! i was trying to do something viable with DEE but wasnt able.
Build looks intersting to play, but als squishy af :smiley:

yeah lack of total damage reduced, %absorb, and 100% uptime flat absorb can lead to spiking health… but it isnt so bad, you just have to be mindful of positioning like playing a caster.

Nice and Interesting take.

Although, I wonder if the DEE dot is pretty much comparable to max first 3 nodes of the skill, such as from the DEE set, etc?

But ofc, with all that OK support to top up the damage and OA (relatively), the extra damage will be potent.

It’s a good saving on DEE points, though, as so much relevant gear has +1 OK skill since FG. DEE is such a skill pig to max.

@mad_lee any ideas for improvement here? I changed a few things from what I had messaged you to make the greens a bit more realistically possible. I think this could be improved still with more testing.

Well, I haven’t played the build so I don’t really know how much damage and in what proportion everything does here. But seeing that you have a lot of Vitaility converted to Acid and how your DEE damage is boosted by items quite a bit this is something that I would try. Also lack of slow resist is seriously bringing your build down A LOT. Like not only it affects your survivability but your damage output as well as all of your attacks and casts are slowed down almost constantly in Crucible.

If you try it, let me know how it goes.

I incorporated some of your ideas into another version. Took the suggestions on items and tinkered with / tested a new skill setup. Posted some new videos… including a 170 clear and a SR 70 boss stage.

Looks very solid now, glad some of my ideas took off there. I am guessing investing more into Blood Burst as opposed to Vile Eruption also makes sense since you want to boost the DoT part of DEE as much as possible.

exactly… now if you wanted to play without the transmutor…a semi spam dee build taking eruption probably would be better

how about putting some more points into Crushing verdict for some more effective OA?

yeah something like this would probably be better for sr and main campaign https://www.grimtools.com/calc/q2M7kzmZ

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Noticed the SR video link was borked… fixed now

Noticed this build has been getting traffic again recently… Will try to update gt links at least because they are very very out of date