Two-Hander feedback thread

I just hit lvl 84 with my vitality dmg oriented opressor and realized there is literaly no necromancer 2H weapon lvl 84 and above which utilize vitality nor aether damage. We have excelent Scythe Wrath of tenebris which is sadly exclusive for Occultist which utilize chaos damage. We have 1 Scythe(Deaths Reach) and 1 Mace (WIldblod crusher) which both utilize Vitality damage but sadly for Shamman. There is other great Scythe for Necro/Nightblade which sadly utilize cold damage and thats all.

I would like if devs could make more 2H items for more build diversity. If devs dont want add more 2H items, it would be great add consumable which change base damage/flat damage bonuse type in to another ones.

Not to mention that necromancer with 2h scythe is more “thematical” than Occultist or Nightblade :slight_smile:

Not true.

That was Scythe I was talking about. It has zero utility for necromancer and it only favour EoR from Oathkeeper. Its more for Shamman/Ocultist than anything else.

16% CDR is a huge DPS increase for Bone harvest.

@x1x1x1x2 made a build which could crit for >1mil back in AoM.

EDIT: EoR on that weapon is a trap because it has no attack speed.

If it would have bone harvest bonuses or Ravevnous Earth or something from Oathkeeper(RF, Judgment or Vires Might) with fire/phys conversion to vitality it would be great. Taking this Scythe just for 16%CDR is just meh.

RIght now there is no weapon for vit necro or oath which are both heavily vitality dmg oriented classes.

  1. vortex of souls
  2. Dreadscorcher

Also…m. death’s reach is better than this guy -

Why not Soulrend itself tho? :thinking:
Does Bone Harvest build need WD from anywhere else? Blood Knight will convert Soulrend’s Bone Harvest fully anyway and it’s +2 to necro is guchi.

Soulrend would definitely work, but it would hinder %wd on all devotions, and any other skills though :confused:

That’s why i’m asking, if it’s crucial or not. Idk the build and never built a vit necro anyway.

weeeelll…crafter’s preference imo.

If you want to focus solely on BH, and use everything else to stack stats, it might?

But I like using other attacks between casts, so I wouldn’t do it.

Also here is an alternative, clear vitality 2H for necromancer :laughing:

Or you could stick with blood knight + soul rend since BK does have perfect conversion

Probably my bad. I always sucked with self found builds. Currently I have this:

I still wear Lokaar leveling set tho :smiley:

Idea was have as much LoH as possible with future acid to vit conversion. RF for attack speed and devensives to proc RS and NE while Ravenous earth doing some nice aoe while further debuffing flat resistance and enemy damage. My expectation were too high I gues. Sad because till now this build works wonders especialy with Revenant devotion.

nothing to apologize for m8 <3

Best used with dark one’s and with an offhand. I wouldn’t use a 2h unless its thematic

How do people feel about Dreegal’anore? I tried a search of the forum and found very little about it. Is the base idea of a retaliation 2H just a non-starter? Too much retaliation stuff is shield related, and both acid retaliate sets I can think of have a shield (one also has a weapon). Acid retaliate in general seems a bit weak, even with shields. At the very least I feel like it needs retaliation damage to attack on something spammable. Or is it intended as a caster’s 2her? It lacks any kind of speed boost traits, which isn’t great.

I need to update this though. I will probably wait for 1.5 to do so
TBH it would be interesting for the sword to have CDR but it already is so stat bloated :pensive:

I had actually seen your build there for it, along with some random one in a thread that was dark one’s set I think plus the sword. Like you mention there, it doesn’t really use the retaliate parts much. Simplest might be to drop that aspect of the weapon and make it a more straight up caster 2h with cast speed or CDR?

I have a Yugol’s Hunger build with it (so again no retal). It’s nothing crazy but it’s decent.

This is a bit off topic since it’s not about a currently existing two hander, but I didn’t see a general suggest and item thread.

Reading about shields in another thread reminded my of a D2 2h sword that had a neat little quirk where it had a block chance. It was fairly useless as I recall, but the idea was interesting. I wonder if a similar item could work here? Sort of like how the spellscourge bulwark counts as an offhand, the 2her enables shield skills/on block procs. Oathkeeper/something skill support probably.

Great, removed Gutripper from list. It could certainly use some OA though. Even a modest amount would probably be nice.