ritualist pet build

Hi all,

i’m new in grim dawn. i’m going full pet build. i found 2 good builds.
i look for the strongest build. what build you prefer?
i also make a mess of my skill points and my devotion points.
is there a way to reset them.

sorry for my bad english

thank you

greetz scorp

Hello scorp.

I’m not an expert on pets, but personally I don’t understand why anyone would decide on playing ritualist when Cabalist or even Conjurer look like superious choices to me, especially for beginners.

First build is a “lightning” pet build, it uses Stormbringer of Malmouth, which is a craftable item available once you have Revered with Malmouth Resistance. Second build uses some items with very rare combinations of affixes, so I suspect it’s just something “theorycrafted” at best rather than a build actually brought up in-game.

You can reset both skillpoints and devotion points with NPC in Devil’s Crossing.

It’s just a different playstyle. Ritualist can use Emboldening Roar on skellies, and has Wendigo Totem for tough enemies. Grasping Vine & Devouring Swarm for support, plus Mog’s buff affecting all of the minions. Ancestor’s relic for another buff…

Bonds of Bysmiel - +100% hp to pets while Heart of the Oak is only 30%.
CoF - broad reduction of resistances (Vulnerability) with a single ability while Ritualist doesn’t even has acid RR, which is a damage type his pet will do along with vitality and phys.
No need to make a tough choice between Master of Death and Primal Bond since Occultist’s alternative - Bonds of Bysmiel - is not an exclusive.
Significantly more flat damage from Storm Spirit, Blood of Dreeg as opposed to only Mog pact.
Some other things as well.

Overall at first glance Ritualist is frail pets and less pet damage in exchange for more durability to the summoner.

There was a thread recently in rant section that summoners suck. I didn’t pay attention to it but IIRC many peeople said there that picking Ritualist is doing it the hard way.

The second build is actually Arn Quimson’s Ritualist build - that build was able to beat Hardcore Gladiator before the Crucible changes took place. Ritualists are generally weaker than Cabalists / Conjurers, but if there’s a way that Ritualists could stand out from their other pet counterparts, it’s the sheer number of pets they can summon between two Briarthorns, Heart of the Mountain, Revenant Pet, and temporary pets with Primal Spirit and Salazar’s Harbinger. Things like Lightning Pets are easily better done with Cabalists, but what Ritualists lack in DPS they make up for with much better body blocking and summoner survivability.

I’ve made a few edits to better improve the build without changing too much about it, mainly introducing flat RR and changing Exclusives from Primal Bond to Master of Death for better pet OA and summoner DA: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/b28aYjyV

Yeah but you guys are also forgetting that briarthorn is the cutest pet and sometimes it’s okay to play weaker builds that you like more :slight_smile:

I swear conjurer > cabalist. Skeletons just die every hero fight in ultimate.

2x Briarthorns Kreygasm

Ive had more success with my conjurer (lvl 98) than with my cabalist (lvl 95) running through ultimate. Both are geared pretty well to be able to do a fair comparison. Skeletons are more weak since the one update, conjurer`s summons seem to take more hits and dps is pretty good for farming bosses and some nemesis.

Conjurer is slow until you max conjure primal spirit and have cooldown reduction. The manticore is probably the best pet in the game.

Conjurer also gives pets bleed, pierce and physical res without investing in devotions. Also damage absorb.

Сleared Ultimate with Conjurer without Mythical Beastcaller set without any problems, only Mogdrogen and secret boss are difficult.

Can’t imagine summoner without Blood of Dreeg, really :slight_smile:

As far as summoners go, i believe one of masteries should be Occultist for sure, rest is up to you.

Thanks all for the reply. it will help me further.
just 1 more question.
what skills do i use in skill bar?

thank you

greetz scorp