Rivers (and sea)

I think a lot more could be done about the water element in general. Right now it almost feels forgotten, except for the fishing shack, but usually I have to reroll a few times just to get a lake that’s not hidden away somewhere in the corner of the map. Most settlements started near a river or some other water source.

A few suggestions:

  • Rivers and creeks
  • Sea border
  • Bridges. Wood and stone. I like the idea of strategic bridge placements and some areas of the map being inaccessible early in the game. Wood bridges can be used as a crossing point for pedestrians and soldiers, but are not strong enough to be used by wagons, or for transporting building supplies or ore. Upgrading to a stone bridge is resource and labor intensive. Raiders can decide to destroy them, so it will be important to defend them to keep the supply chain running smoothly later in the game.
  • Water wheels along rivers. An alternative to wind mills. Maybe used for crushing ore, or making paper. (Paper and ink being necessary for printing religious books when churches gets added to the game?)
  • Fishing nets for creeks.
  • Boat upgrade for the fishing shack. Smaller work radius, but doesn’t have to be along the shore.
  • If the map borders the sea, harbors could be an alternative or addition to trading posts, but having a harbor opens you up to new attacks from sea.
  • Rainwater harvester as an alternative to wells? Less reliable than wells, useless in heatwaves, but enough to supply a remote work camp most of the time.

Great ideas and completely agree with all of the above. More in-depth water management would add a great layer to the game.

Also visually rivers/creeks/shorelines make any game much more interesting.

Marsh management/drainage could lead to better farm land etc.


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