Rooms up often!

room name is questing spots be open im online right now looking for people to with anyone can join let me talk ot npcs i share loots i find for free instanced loot so lets just share loots to help eachothers build in my room hehehe lets have fun playing base game with dlc im doing campain and cucilble even tho i like campaining better lol
will do the story in dev recommended order but i will do intial quests on vet and elite lol im gaming for a long time today all welcome!!! i play the mod grimmlarion as well so ppl are welcome to come play too same room name im getting on it often i play softcore on both camapain and curcible base game and campain and extra new zones in grimmlarion as well my steam name is Wartec77 discord tag and yall can pm me on discord but i cant chat tell i get a webcam tomarrow cuz my mic died and is broken.