Rotated Buildings Bug Repro Request

There is a bug we are aware of that we’ve been hoping the community could help us out with.

Buildings rotating off-grid seems to be related to rebuilding and/or flattening terrain in some way, but we have not found consistent steps to reproducing this yet, which makes squashing this bug rather difficult.

We know you guys have been seeing this one too, so if anyone’s found a reliable method to make this occur, we’d love to hear it!


I’ve noticed it happen sometimes when another building or decoration is completed and there’s a very slight flattening of the land. An immediately adjacent building occasionally turns a small amount. I thought it was by design, just to give that extra bit of a medieval higgledy-piggledy look to the town.

Just putting a bunch of 10x10 flatten commands randomly over your built settlement should have the buildings start rotating. I haven’t looked closely enough to see when the rotations will or won’t happen. It isn’t always but is frequent enough that with a few orders something will start moving. And I kind of remember some buildings seemingly being immune to the effect.

The strangest instance I’ve seen of rotation is what happened to the top row of vaults here. None of the rotation was caused by flatten orders after building, so either the local flattening as each building completed construction, or the trees I put in afterwards. The ground was worked very significantly before they were built though, there used to be a steep hill there.

Map and save file with two flatten orders about to complete which will rotate the towers on the cliff above. (2.6 MB)

That’s a great repro, thanks!

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And that’s a fix…thanks @MeowBeep for the great repro. If you don’t own Grim Dawn yet…do you want to? :wink:


So glad to help squash that bug! I don’t own GD, that would be lovely.

I am still seeing it, both when transplanting Blueberries from off of a shoreline, and here, with this rebuild after a raid yesterday. The terrain tool wasn’t used after construction, but it was used before.

When can we rotate buildings diagonally. Thats all thats still needed in this game. And wooden bridges.