Royal Jelly Bean usage

Nowadays this reagent look not strong enough.

We use it only in potions and not for all. For other we have to use hearts/blood/brain. This look a little unfair, because this ingridients we prefer to use on all other options(crafr of reliks, legendary items or change for random legs)

So maybe it will be good change if we swap this ingredients with Jelly Bean(or at least mantikore eye that doesnt need for random legs)? It make craft of potions a bit easier for people who didnt farmed a lot of hearts/blood/brain?


I seriously don’t understand what you’re asking for here. Why would you want to use Royal Jelly in anything but potion crafting anyway? Royal Jelly drops like candy from a pinata if you farm the right spots. Manticore eyes are a hell of a lot rarer.

I ask for change hearts/blood/brain in recipes of potions for Jelly Bean

But hearts/blood/brains are rarer than Royal Jelly.

And what the hell is a Jelly Bean in the context of Grim Dawn?

Sorry, a bit late so my brain is a bit slow. Of cource i meaned Royal Jelly

Hum, i wouldn’t mind rogalyova beens ( :rolleyes: ) having more of a use than just to craft pots. I don’t even craft pots anyways so the stuff just builds up and i have no other way to use it afaik. I guess i could force myself to craft pots but i really don’t want to :wink:

Oh, ok.

No, really though, Royal Jelly is very, very easy to get lots of, much more so than hearts/brains/blood.

Wait, do you mean you want to substitute Royal Jelly in for hearts/brains/blood on non-Royal Jelly-related potion recipes? Because only a few of the potion recipes actually call for hearts/brains/blood, and they’re the really powerful ones like Elixirs of the Ancients. Most of the potions/ointments call for much easier-to-find reagents like Aether Crystals and Chthonic Seals.