RPG Space game?

Hi, anyone know some space game with , RPG, you train to upgrade your ship, gun, weapon,… fly by WASD , NOT the kind of EVE or clicking things.

Kind of like ACE Online, but I don’t have time for online game now, just want to relax couple of hours after work . Thank in advance!


Old game now. Amazing nonetheless.

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Starpoint Gemini 2 on steam ! It is the freelancer grand son in a way :slight_smile:

The developpers are working on the next game of the series Starpoint Gemini Warlords which has a immense potential.

Starpoint Gemini 2 is not very expensive and Starpoint Gemini Warlords is in Early access.

And if you like immersion and realistic feels and don’t require a storyline in order to enjoy a game you should try Elite Dangerous which can be awesome if you like this kind of game.

Does this interest you?


Of all the space games I have played freelancer is still the best.

Simple enough to learn in a few minutes but still remains fun. Games like evochron, elite dangerous, they strip away the simplistic controls to give a more “bridge commander” feel I guess but I just can’t handle it.

Beyond that, freelancer has a ton of content already in it and several years worth of mod content.

three thumbs up

Freelancer is a masterpiece in my mind. Beautifully made and executed and I love the space combat and the way it controls.

All other space games have paled in comparison (even the venerable EVE Online) for me and I’m still waiting for the game that can match it.

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Many of the steam reviews are saying Rebel Galaxy is the spiritual successor to Freelancer or it gives them the same vibe/feel.

Perhaps, but it’s single player. For me - that’s a negative. I mean it still looks great and it probably is the closest to a successor that we’ve had. For OP, maybe it’s exactly what he wants.

For me? Eh. I have a few friends who I used to play Freelancer with and we used to fly around as squadrons in online servers and it was really fun. The MMO scale in EVE is too much for me, but the co-op experience in FL was exceptional.

If you want to try a scifi game billions of years into the future of earth where science is basically magic, try Torment: Tides of Numenera.

The Numenera RPG universe is really, really unique and interesting to me. I think you would enjoy it if you also enjoy Baldur’s Gate type isometric games.

But it’s not out yet, is it ? Also, it’s not very spaceship oriented. I think. I actually know very little about the game to avoid spoilers.
I am going to buy it asap though. I loved Planescape Torment.

It is currently in early access beta.

I tried it on initial release, but it was incredibly buggy and I got a refund, but it’s graphics are gorgeous and it’s VERY well done storywise… I haven’t checked on it in a while but they have patched it extensively a couple times IIRC.

Keep you eye on Stellar Tactics.

I’ll +1 to this, Rebel Galaxy is a really great game. It’s gorgeous to look at, great soundtrack and has some really fun progression/mechanics.

Tyrian. It’s old but it’s the best for its genre :smiley:

Would SPAZ (1 & 2) perhaps count?

Space Rangers 2

I’m playing Rebel Galaxy right now and having a blast, but if you want a true action rpg that happens to be set in space check out Drox Operative.

Could also try Darkstar One, WASD controls and ship upgrades, fairly linear but not too bad.

Wildstar is worth checking out again.

Is it? I might have to play it again since it’s F2P now, right?

I played the beta and I thought it was OK but I don’t like to pay for MMOs since I can’t trust myself to stay on one game for an entire subscription.