RtA FOI got a bit wrecked by the phys res changes

Phys res went from 37% physical resist to 17%. Gained around 400 armor in total. Tankiness drops too much. Have severe problems on Iron Maiden and Reaper (and Map Room Protector). Nothing happened to damage though.

This non-shield retal build is very special. It doesn’t carry a shield so it didn’t benefit from block buffs. It’s a retal build so stacking DA is not proper. When taking big physical hit I don’t even have time to turn on Bloodthirster (Granted by Haunted Steel).

Suggestion: It’s very hard to define what will really help. Would say revert the phy res on the off-hand (because it’s only used in RtA FOI so that the reverting doesn’t affect other builds, isn’t it), or give more and more HP.