Rune of Kalastor not effected by flame touched, conviction and vindictive flame


did I miss something or is this a bug?. I tried to combine Rune of Kalastor
with the toggeled skills flame touched, vindictive flame and aura of con-
viction…but after toggling there is no increase in damage visible.
Shouldnt rune of Kalastor scale with player-bonuses? Flame touched and
vindictive flame does increase my damage, when i am using a pistol.
Why isn´t it the case with Rune of Kalastor?

I guess, if those skill does not increase the damage of this Rune, squad tactis or field command wont do it either.

Does anyone know why? The meaning of the description “Rune of Kalastor scale with player bonuses” should be quite obvious, or is it?

regads Arkon

Flame Touched and Aura of Conviction are toggled buffs that apply their bonuses to your character. Any flat damage added is only applied when you use a weapon attack (or use a skill with a % Weapon Damage component).

Vindictive Flame is a toggled skill - the bonuses on the skill only apply to that skill itself and nowhere else.

Rune of Kalastor is a summoned trap that is based on your player bonuses, but it does not take into account any flat damage bonuses or your weapon damage, so those things are useless for this skill.

Thanks for your answer.

So this means, rune of Kalastor will get a bonus from squad tacitis, like thermite mines does, but will NOT be affected by field command.

regards Arkon

Flame Touched seems to work as expected with Kalastor. The % fire damage increased damage on target dummy as much as expected. The extra OA appears to have reduced the number of misses.

I imagine Field Command, Squad Tactics, etc. function with it as well, just like they should.

Both RoK and TM are affected by the +% Damage as well as the OA from Field Command since that affects your character’s chance to hit. :slight_smile: