Runebinder set build help

I was always intrigued by the Runebinder set, but over the years the reputation has been pretty poor. I decided that since I have all the pieces to give it a try. I built it on a Mage Hunter and based the devotions on a dual wield elemental build from years ago with Elemental Seeker and Attak Seru. I am happy with the devotions but definitely went for more offense than defense (I am open to small changes but most of the constellations I would like to keep). I threw on some equipment to try and fill resists and round out the build. I am not much of a crafter so decided to ask for comments and suggestions to finish/improve my first draft. I have not added components or augments, but any advice on skills distribution & breakpoints, gear choices, rares to use, etc would be great.

Build: Mage Hunter, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

I am not looking to make a top tier build but hopefully something that is fun and can do regular campaign and general farming. No need to suggest scrapping the whole thing or wide scale changes, I want to see how to take this framework and make it better. Your thoughts and comments are appreciated. Thanks!

i’ve tried a lot of combo with Runebinder set. Paladin, Mage Hunter, Vindicator… but the only one that “workable” in my hand is Deceiver. Here is my set up (dont require any MI/ green) and in-game stats:

And some of my thoughts:

  1. Clearly the set is support for Rune much more than the “auto atk” with the weapon. Your build focus on the auto-atk, and thats the “weaker part” of the set. Especially you play a elemental damage build Mage Hunter, which have very little RR to begin with (compare to Deceiver or Pal). The AA part is for “filler skill” mostly, since they are very weak. Some Beronath Fury builds are even stronger than Runic Bolts.
  2. To play with Rune, you need lv 26 Harragard/ 22 Kalastor/ 20 Artifact handling- thats why you must invest A LOT to Inquisitor part. Deceiver is perfect for that: you only invest a few skill points to Occultist skill bar, to get enough RR/ physical res, so that you can make up for the rest of skills into Inquisitor
  3. You need more RR in your build other than Aura of Censure + Rhowan. Especially with Fire and Cold part, since Rune based on that damage types. This is my only Devotion build that has enough RR.
  4. Set is somewhat weird. Low HP, low physic res, and a big part of “pierce damage” that can’t be convert to elemental (from AA and Harragard). If you can set up 10 Runes before any packs/ big boss before engage, then the fight is much more easy to deal with (and thanks to lv 20 artifact handling, this is quite easy). With this build, i can clear SR 80 with spare time as well. I want to kill all Celestial but only failed to kill Calla, but certainly with this “kiting style” build you CAN kill any bosses if you have enough patience :slight_smile:

Runic Bolts isn’t bad, but you need to fully commit to the aa playstyle if you want to make it work. Weirdly enough I find Apostate a good candidate for such a build, since it lacks an default attack replacer and gets decent elemental support via Bonemonger set and Mark of the Shadow Queen.

Otherwise I think the build above is a good template of how a rune focused approach should work.

I said the AA part of Runebinder set is weaker than the Rune part, and your build has nothing relate with the topic about Runebinder set, since you use a completely different set. Of course you can use the weapon only to get a AA, but trust me Bonemonger set helps a lot, not the weapon. You can slap in other elemental guns (like Phasebraker or Arcanum Sigil) with Beronath Fury, and your build will not even change much. But as i said, thats is completely different topic, since we are talking about Runebinder set. I would love to see if you can get the AA with full Runebinder set to work. The set somehow feels weird, when other sets mostly we can convert everything to 1 damage type, but the pierce dam (and a minor physical part) from Runes/AA/WPS cannot be converted at all. I dont even think that will be OP if we can get more conversion at full sets

Well yea, that’s my point. If you want to build around Runic Bolts, there’s no point gimping yourself with the rest of the Runebinder set since better options exist. So my advice to OP is either focus on runes or play something else.

Thanks for the comments. Seems Runebinder won’t fit what I want it to do… time to plan a dual elemental pistol inquisitor/something instead!