Runic Topaz vs. Bloodied Crystal problem

Replacing DA with OA on the Topaz, thoughts?

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horrible idea. We have Vengeful wrath that no one use with OA on it.

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Yeah, maybe because it’s only 24 OA? :rolleyes:

I won`t use it even if it was 70 :eek: Considering the OA state in the game.

Why exactly it is a horrible idea?

We can’t really have level 24 components get flat values that would make them compete with Bloodied Crystal or Runebound Topaz. Since they are the only level 75 ring components then if one has DA then making the other grant OA as part of the symmetrical design makes sense to me.

I’m not content with current state of Vengeful Wraith as well, I assure you.

Cause we need a concentrated amount of something on component to make it worth using.
Runebound identity is DA . You want DA on build? Pick topaz. Remove health and shield stuff from it completely.
Bloody crystal is %armor and %bleed resistance. Remove DA from it, increase %armor bonus to 9% so we have options to boost armor.
Polished emerland - we need a myph version of this with a lot of attribute gain. Like 40 to all.
Rolling blood - useless, we need something with %life reduction and slow resist. Make a a myph version of it.
Corpse dust - life stuff. Make a myph version of it with lots of %health.
Mark of illusion - useless. Make it pure offensive stuff with %OA. a myph version of it
Soul shard - give it %stun resist.

Crystals are the high-end defensive go-to component and it should stay the same! Either that or reduce Physical dmg in the entire game with 10-15% - otherwise all low armor combos will get proportionally impacted.

Also DA bonus on crystals helps to significantly reduces the need to dump all your stat points in Physique to get that DA over 2900 nowadays.
Before Crystals buff - everyone and their grandmother used 2-3 Topazes on jewelry and as much as possible Ugdenbog Hides on other slots. Now we are past that and there is a much less reliance on Hides thanks to Crystals bonuses (DA + armor + bleed for those who can get lots of Poison resists otherwise).

What is needed is more variety in the other components - since nobody dares to use them - adding stats which arent present anywhere (slow/stun etc) will surely raise apetite for bigger variety usage.

Topaz should get probably 5% Block recovery on top and maybe buff the HP to 250 flat - that would make it the go to component for Shield builds as it should be.

And again - suggestions to make such drastic changes to end game components in such a late state of the game impacts only the middle and low bracket of the playerbase (as discussed numerous times) - that is the 99% of the players and is detriment for its health!
I believe we all want for GD playerbase to grow not dwindle thanks to literally pissing on everyone`s time spend farming those mats for 15+ characters only to get the said items not applicable anymore for that build.

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Everyone, please, breathe, and listen to this man:undecided: ^^^^

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Don’t know what’s coming in the patch obviously, but I feel nervy. Replacing Topaz with Crystal on half of my active builds just to get it nerfed one major patch later would be real bad… Those things are freaking expensive to craft.

Anyhow, my thoughts:
Agree with idea to make Topaz more shield-oriented, with some block chance or recovery.

The state of the shield block/recovery is this: you either have none of it, or you have one of the two skills that give you pretty much all of it.
There has to be something in between.

Now if you want effective shield you’re pretty much forced into the blue affinity, cause that’s the only place you could get block chance/recovery. And even then, the values are silly. If you’re not soldier and not using Absolution then best you can get is 35% recovery and next to nothing in block chance department.
This has to change. Introducing components and/or augments that give block chance/recovery + toning down Overguard and Absolution a bit would be good for variety.

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8% Stun resistance and 8% Slow resistance will make Topaz much more attractive, will not break the game and will make diversity between Topaz and Crystal both for melee and casters.


I don’t think BCs should be nerfed because they already give less DA than RTs, but I wouldn’t mind if RTs were changed into something else for more individuality.

As for buffing other components: it’s welcome but I don’t think people would use them as many class combos would struggle to reach a baseline of DA (2600+) without either of the above.
So even if they were buffed, people just can’t afford to use them.

While I think adding CC resists on old components is a fair idea it wouldn’t work because of the above.
That’s another problem that could be addressed by sprinkling even more CC resists here and there on skills and Devotions, since several are hard to get if you’re not a specific class or going blue Devotions.

Runic Topaz and Bloodied Crystal are most useful on low defense and low DA builds to reach to safe levels DA. The armor bonus are useful for similar reasons as SR requires far higher armor ratings then crucible/main campaign to be safe (even though you can never have enough as a low armor build).

So, no. I would suggest keeping Bloodied Crystal the same.

And also buffing all caster + cunning armor or nerfing heavy armor. The difference has become insane

Good point. One of possible ways to solve this issue could be to grant DA and other defense possibilities to skills, devotions and gear. Another one could be granting some flat DA to jewelry components with some other useful bonuses specific for each component. We already have something similar for jewelry augments.


  1. I said nothing about changing Bloodied Crystal. Speaking politically people would be discontent about changing it so soon after they had to craft them to replace Topazes on every single character. I propose to change Topaz because it’s currently the one that faded out of focus, according to this thread and numerous posters.

  2. I don’t think there needs to be two generic endgame ring components, both of which increase DA. If one had reasonable amount of OA instead I’d welcome that.

  3. I highlight generic because that’s what they are at the moment. Some posters want to make Topaz a specialist component for shield builds, but my line of thoughts isn’t aligned with their. I mean making specialized components is only good when there’s a fair number of them, but we’ve got only two endgame ones, so making one generic and one specialized doesn’t make sense to me.

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This is the main problem. DA is far more valuable then OA for builds that have trouble to reaching the minimum level of DA. Changing the DA to OA would be yet another middle finger to low defense builds. Tanky build that typically do not lack the DA can get free resists and bonus armor while low defense build have to do with only a bit of health.

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I don’t understand.

Why would you need two components competing for the same slot that both provide flat DA, one of which is worse than the other? :rolleyes:

I am against changing Crystals. Stop with the nerf everything to the ground attitude guys. And it won’t fix anything either since in its place everyone would just go back to Topaz. Instead, give Topaz something else to make it a worthwhile alternative.

Like this for eg:

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We don`t that’s why I suggest to remove DA from crystal and buff armor stuff on it instead. To distinguish them. :eek:
BTW out of 10 ring components only 2 are widely used and only 2 rarely used. We need more usable components. And its a good place to dump OA and secondary resistances. :eek:

Mark of illusions is useful on some builds,but gives…DA again.

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So why not have Runic Topaz provide OA instead?