Runic Topaz vs. Bloodied Crystal problem

So Bloodied Crystals are almost universally better than Runic Topaz now.

On some low health builds with low armor you might want to take topaz still for the higher DA and a little more health to give you a better chance of not getting one-shot, but after some changes the block amount on bloodied crystal does not make it more appealing to a lot of shield builds.

Please add 2% block chance and maybe also a tiny amount of block recovery to runic topaz.

The beautiful thing about this would be making it another step in making shields more accessible in terms of usefulness to non soldier/OK classes.

Please do not nerf bloodied crystal back down, it helped casters and dualwielders get a little more survival against physical hits.

Attachment: Armor Grim

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I like crystals,idea about making topaz suited for shield builds with block recovery or chance to black make sense,though.

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I think this may be a case where the changes empower the fringe of 100/100/100 blockers a bit too much… i get the purpose would be to open up shields to more archtypes as a valid defensive choice but it would make the perfect blocking a bit too easy.

Or perhaps perfect block has only hours to live and this is warrantless worrying.

Ps. Yes i know that doom is a (much) stronger relic there, but I’d lose the meme tier perfect blocking! Unless topaz were changed as you want, one less sacrifice to be made then…

Is that always the case?

I made a rough Excel Sheet comparing Armor Values, Incoming Damage and Health. The differences are minor with higher Health.

Perhaps it helps (or I might forget considering something).

Lets get back in time and check what ppl used from the game start till now in jewelry.

Focusing prism/Black talon/Aether soul on amulet
Corpse dust/Soul shard/Ectoplazm/antifreeze stuff I forgot the name in rings.

Seals/black talon/aether soul on amulet
Runebound topaz/Bloodied crystals on rings.

Seals/black talon/aether soul on amulet
Bloodied crystals no exception.

So we need
1)Remove the DA from crystals, like why it is even here?
2)More high lvl jewelry components with secondary resitances, most notable - slow, stun.

Lets not touch Crystals shall we - most of us plebs dont use GDstash and farm our mats legit. If i have to scrap 30+ Crystals just because all of a sudden the DA vanished or got severly reduced - i wont be motivated to keep going. It already happened once with the buff of crystals - had to scrap all my Topaz-es for which i farmed my ass off.

Crystals are fine as they are.

Topaz need a small buff to be as OP suggested Shield focused (they already have shield dmg block).

Also second the suggestion to add Freeze/Stun/Slow/Petrify resists on end game components!

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Crystals literally trashed Topaz when Topaz was decent/good and Crystals were shit. Now Crystals are good/super good, and Topaz became shit. Riiight… Let’s make everything stupidly strong so it outclasses everything.

Let’s not touch crystals. Otherwise we will return to old days when we had to use topaz to get DA for almost all non-melee builds, like caster builds for example.

Why do you think components will definitely become OP? Crate will make final decision and if something gets too much buffs it will be nerfed in the sake of balance.

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Nou, lets touch the crystal. We need different components with different bonuses, rather that a mindless dump of DA >_>
If crystals were bad(I used them on few builds even in just for resist, btw) why not buff numbers on them instead of adding stuff that is not supposed to be on them? Make them 10% armor, or increase bleeding res, just remove DA.

Point out where I said this.

This statement sounds like to me what I told in my previous post.

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That was said jokingly. I mean, you literally can see I was against leaving Crystal as is, so this could not be serious.

Increasing bleeding resistance won’t help in general - based on my experience only few builds needed it. As for armor bonus - it’s questionable, not every build will get noticeable advantage from it. So why not to consider experience with augments? There is a group of it granting not only flat DA bonus, but also other different bonuses.

I see, thanks for clarification! :slight_smile:

remember: more Flat armor bonus and less % everywhere helps the low-armor combos more than warlords

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Due to increasing returns of armor both flat and % bonuses to armor favor classes that can stack a lot of it.
For example you are a poor boy Warlock with 1200 armor chest… 200 flat armor would increase it to 1400 and that`s still close to nothing.
If you are a Warlold with 1800 armor chest and 100% extra armor you end with 4000 armor .
Same with % bonus.
20% extra armor would push Warlock 1200 armor chest to 1440 armor
20 % extra armor on top of 100% extra for Warlold with 1800 chest 3960

I’d actually say that both armors, flat and percentage, affect the ones with % armor bonus more. So no matter how you look at it, low armor classes are fucked either way (if you consider it “being fucked”). :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, fixed it =)

well, what does this tell us about field command and oathkeeper %armor skill?

Wouldn’t it be better as flat like temper?

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Eh i would wait until everyone sees the current patch for better feed back.

But my 2 cents could be drop that DA on bloodied by a small amount (2-6 da less)… Then increase the da on topaz by 8-10. This way there is a clear choice between the two.

I think adding 4-7% block recovery instead of shield block value might be worth considering too… . But I haven’t tested enough shield builds after changes to know if that would be too op or not with new values.

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