:: S p e l l S w o r d :: 2Hander, 150 Glad Crucible, Kra'vall Facetank [vid]


GrimTools: https://www.grimtools.com/calc/pZrJXGkZ

I made a Spellsword build that has strong sustain, great AOE and single target damage. I could facetank Kra’vall and kill him in 18 seconds with this build (see Video :D). I’m yet to try celestials or SR with it. I have completed 150 Glad Cruci with it with buffs, and have also finished from 110-120 with no buffs (video below). With some practice I might be able to get to 150 with no buffs, but the build has some defensive flaws (freeze/stun resist, no % damage absorption to name a few).

One of the things I love about this build is that, with Aether Conduit (and 100% Aether to Lightning conversion) and Aura of Censure, all you need to do is walk near some trash mobs, if Aura crits any one of them once, then Aether Conduit can AFK kill the rest. I’ve experimented with putting up an Inquisitor Seal and standing in it while trash mobs die to Aether Conduit lighting and all manner of other passive procs. It’s a great time. :smiley:


The build’s sustain comes from high regen (900 resting, 3600 proc buffs), high ranking Wendigo Totem, and being able to summon high ranking Inquisitor Seals (313 damage absorp) every ~1 second. Life steal, Salvation relic proc, Word of Renewal and Feral Hunger also help to provide healing.

Offensive Details

The damage comes from a LOT of proc damages
-3x Cinderwinds, 3x Storm Totems, 3x Wind Devils,
-Aether Conduit Weapon Proc
-3x Chain lightning (two from rings, one from legs)
-Hand of Ultos devotion proc
-Reckless Tempest devotion proc

Kra’Vall Facetank in 18 seconds

Cruci 110-120 No Buffs

Enjoy. :smiley:


Solid illusion work too!

Thank you Zantai :smiley:

Merry christmas Z!, Cheers for the blood sweat tears and toil you put into GD!..