saboteur builds in fg

dual wield fire strike saboteur was a build i really enjoyed when i first played grim dawn, but it feels like saboteur is not really the most powerful or most played class right now. i checked the build compendium but found no build at all there. anyone has a build he wants to share?

There are like 4 builds in the FG compendium, FG has been out in like one week :stuck_out_tongue:

fair enough. but theres only 3! saboteur builds in the Aom compendium aswell.

Saboteur is not the most versatile class.If you have Nex and Ortus you can go dw melee.Pierce have some support,maybe Fire strike/grenado range,but suspect will suck lot.

I have a very nice sabo build that i will get around to posting at some point once Z is cool with praes posting builds

Interesting fact.

Yeah Fluff’s reta Warlord guide didn’t live long :smiley: but I copied the gt link somewhere :stuck_out_tongue:

He wanted general player knowledge to catch up a bit before we just went out posting tons of builds. I think dumping like 15 builds on the forums just because myself and the other testers have had a lot longer to mess around with things would take a bit of the fun out it for the building community. I agree with the idea.

Me too. It is bad enough that the regular GDstash crew posts their builds 4 days after the release with SR +75 clear videos

Then they get nerfed before anyone actually plays them after leveling :smiley:

Exactly. Just look how many “noobs” were asking about this in the Octavius Warlord thread. So funny

Honestly im abit upset at this point that something like warlock AAR, Sabeteur or blademaster were still abit subpar when people are shouting to nerf these crazy new builds.

It is time we bring them abit closer and thats not by nerf hammering the new builds (although i do agree some can be tweaked). Stuff like clairvoyant is still gimped :S

This is what I am trying to configure my Saboteur towards:

I am looking at how to improve it. Right now, with my buffs up and Pneumatic Burst, I am sitting at 155k dps on sheet. It is all fire. The AoE lacks, that is why I took Whirling Death. I may drop AQC as it doesn’t do much for me. The procs are nice but I may want to eliminate the competition so to speak.

For the pants and boots, find something that works. Affixes for resists are important. I also did not go back over resists yet.

I have tried Grenado with fire damage for AoE and the damage is underwhelming trying to go this route unless I try to put a lot of points into it. I could remove 11 points from Explosive Strike and invest them into High Impact.

So, for now I am still going through FG on Ultimate with it. I am not having any issues.

My favorite saboteur build is dw cold BWC spam

But I’m very biased as BWC is one of my favorite skills along with sigil