Saboteur journal - a different kind of journey

Wow, didn’t realise it was quite this long since I played him. He’s now finished Act 1 Elite and is at the Arkovian Foothills riftgate. Had 3 more deaths, a couple due to inattention on my part and the third to Krieg - total 21 so far. Have now got all the planned devotions so debating the best place to put the last four. Will hang on to them for the time being. Need to remove some points from Shears which I’ll put in Execution to max that out before working on maxing Demon Fire to complete BWC’s line.

Krieg going down second time around.


Well, New Year hasn’t started off that well because today has been a dying day. Started with 22, ended the session with 37; around 10 of those from the Grand Vizier and his minions. Gulgoth killed me, Cronley killed me twice. a few heroes too. :no_good_woman:

Have Execution maxed now and working on maxing out Demon Fire so the whole BWC line is maxed. Haven’t really found much in the way of gear so that probably isn’t helping atm.

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I’ve been wanting to make a fire’n’acid build for ages but have never got around to start one. Keep going!

I intend to eis. Can’t remember the last time I died to the Grand Vizier so many times though. Not sure if it was him or his minions killing me. Archers seem to be a pain atm and I could hear them though they were difficult to see with all that was happening on the screen. Trying to target them and then suddenly something else killed me.

Well, well what do we have here? :smiling_imp:

Will I get banned if I whine at your build? :grin:

Only if you’re an asshole about it.

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Nice progress, Medea.

Maybe one day your Sabo can become the infamous Rogue herself - Olexra.

:rofl: No thanks lee. Great build as usual, but way too many buttons to push for me (and why have Displacement in 4 hotkey slots for heaven’s sake) and the build is fire/poison based, not cold/poison.

So I don’t miss it! :rofl:

Actually, it’s not a piano build, it’s a decently (ish) streamlined pure Cold melee. On of the fewer Sabouter top-tier builds that can tackle endgame content successfully (Sabos don’t have much unfortunately).

But I see that you are going for your own kind of journey, which is always cool! Good luck with that, gonna be following your journal!

Oh man, I really must stop having such long gaps between playing this character. Started yesterday with 37 deaths, ended it with 46. :frowning_woman: Got beaten up by a few bosses. Need to do more kiting and less facetanking.

Have actually used a couple of augments on my weapons. Yeah, I know they’re supposed to be needed, but remember I usually don’t get this far in the game and my rep’s never been high enough to buy them.

Have found a few weapons in my stash collection which might be an upgrade to what he’s using atm. We’ll see.

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I recently made my fire’n’acid build and played through veteran. Afterwards I noticed that our builds have a lot in common (Saboteur, dual-wield, Fire Strike, many constallations) - but there are a few differences, which helped me to survive. Melee can be rough at times, and there are a few bosses that I fought with Shadow Strike and Dreeg’s Infinite Gaze (from Mark of Dreeg) only.

Thanks for the info eisprinzessin and good luck with your build. I’ll certainly look at those components. I did consider the relic, but went with Guile in the end, but might be worth giving that one a try as well.

Blade Barrier, nope, no thanks. I hate being stuck in place while it works; have been that way since trying out Stone Form in TQ’s Earth mastery many years ago. Fine while it works, but if you have no way to damage monsters bashing on you you just emerge into the same mess that you needed to trigger the skill for in the first place. I prefer to be mobile than glued in place like that.

Ring of Steel - hm maybe, but what would I drop to get it? No spare points at the moment and it goes against the fire/poison theme to have Frost with it.

Corruption is not only cool for the spreading poison DoT, but also for the resistance reduction.

When my Blade Barrier runs out, enemies around me are often dead from the DoTs I applied to them earlier. It also helps to bridge other cooldowns.

You just need 1 point in Ring of Steel. I picked Ring of Frost as it runs longer.

Well, got a bit farther today, reached Fort Ikon. Did the Hargate’s Island quest and died once in there to the ground crap. It’s been so long since I was down there I forgot there were a couple of safe spots in a corridor and tried to run all the way through, but couldn’t dodge the sliths as well. Remembered the second time and dodged into a safe cell while I dealt with them.

Continued on from the Asterkarn Mountain rift after that and was pretty good until I went to deal with Lucius in the fort prison. Managed to die 6 times to him before I finally brought him down. I usually kill him so quickly; this time it was a real struggle and I forgot about those aether missles he drops on you, those killed me 3 times. :woman_facepalming: Finally kept watch for them and ran away when they started to drop.

Not found much gear so that’s still pretty much the same, though did change necklace and the relic; giving Annihilation a go to see how that performs. Onward we go.


Gee, an even longer break between play sessions. Not helping me play this better at all. Went in with 53 deaths and finished with 64. Was just finishing off a few quests before proceeding to the Necropolis so headed for the Temple of the Three to wrap that up. Bad idea; first I died twice to hero monsters spawning from a totem in there then the Sentinel killed me 5 times before I managed to bring him down. Then when I went out into the Plains of Strife who did I run into but that lovely guy Loxmere. He killed me 4 times; the last a mutual death since he was gone when I returned so didn’t get a screenshot of it. Then got stuck in the Foresaken Wastes when I ran into an area I couldn’t get out of so have given up for this session. Not my day to be trying this it seems. :woman_shrugging:

Not much changed on the build; swapped out one of the weapons and finished off maxing Nidalla’s Hidden Hand, but session too short for anything else.

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The dream for Fire/Acid Sabo lives on! Nice progress, Medea!

Well, finished base game in Elite and have moved on to AoM now; got as far as Coven’s Refuge as I finished off a few side quests before tackling Loggy. Deaths up from 64 to 70; ran into Loxmere which wasn’t a good idea so avoided him the second time, got killed by the guy outside Loggy’s entrance and then Loggy also killed him when he was almost dead himself. Others were to heroes.

Things haven’t really changed much; haven’t found any new gear to swap out and I’m maxing out Explosive Strike atm skill-wise. Only swapped out the relic. He’s up to L71. I’ve got a Puncturing Kilrian’s Skulbreaker of the Abomination waiting in his stash, but that’s an L94 item so a way to go yet before I can equip that.

Forgot to take screenshots of the deaths, sorry folks. :woman_facepalming:

Must say I’m enjoying seeing Torch, Abomination and the meteor from the relic going off. :grinning: