Saboteur questions, looking for direction

I’m at lvl 31 as a saboteur, just finished the steps of torment quest (not the skeleton key area).
This build has literally been a breeze so far, I have my focus on fire strike, just a couple points in the dw line, shadow strike as my right click, and this is my bold so far (something is screwy but I don’t have the game open ATM, this shows level 33, but you’ll get the idea.
I’ve been working with this build but it looks like it’s from, is it still viable?

Thanks in advance

it’s very viable but i would use this build now. It’s almost same, with just a few tweaks. Also remember to take a look at the leveling section of that guide. Lot of useful information there. I would aim for something like this soon. Getting up pneumatic burst up there is your best way to survive and lethal assault is a HUGE dps boost for melee build when leveling. You can spec out of later when we are much more fire focused, but for now expect it to ~double the damage of your auto attacks and the 100 OA it provides means you will be hitting enemies much more often and even critting a fair bit. The weapon pool skills are pretty worthless atm and belgothian’s shears+whirling death have such slow animations that they are a single target dps loss and we have plenty of aoe. Explosive strike max is quite strong for leveling too. If you don’t have it already get spec out of w/e and get fiend/flame torrent immediately and bind it to fire strike. Your aoe should be at insane levels with that setup and single target will be quite good too