Sacred Strike and Elemental Storm

Do their RR stack? I’m asking this mostly because of both skills’s tooltip… Sacred Strike says it reduces the targets’s total resistances by a flat 18, meanwhile Elemental Storm says it reduces the elemental resistances to a flat number…

x Reduced Target’s y for * seconds

-x being the the value

-y being the effect

So whenever this wording is used the highest applies. In this case Elemental Storm

However it does stack with - x% RR (same for other effects suchs as -x OA/DA)

Elemental Storm reduces the resists by flat number (32 if maxed iirc). It doesn’t stack with Sacred Strike.

Elemental Storm will overwrite Sacred Strike’s RR for Fire, Cold and Lightning resistances. For everything else, though Elemental Storm’s RR does not touch those whereas Sacred Strike’s will.