How do I beat him? It seems that his pets and minions respawn and that he heals himself. D:

I am a L15 melee warrior and my DPS does not seem to be enough to kill him. I can kite him, but his pets and minions respawn. D:

Yeah, level 15 isn’t a good level to fight him really (it can be done, but it’s not easy for most builds)

Go get a few more levels and come back imo.

Ok, does he scale up while I also level up?

Yeah… already trying to educate him in his other thread on the subject

And I agree. I prefer to be 17+ for DS.

Thanks. I have seen your YouTube-videos by the way. Thanks :slight_smile:

Once I am back home I’ll try to beat the boss!

He scales up to around 35-40 or so.

A trick with him is to not run too far from him or else he’ll nuke you with Doom Bolt. Stay just out of his melee range and whittle him down like that. If he casts a sigil on the ground, get out of it ASAP.

That circle he drops under you drains your health and heals his. You have to resist it, or avoid it.

Only his Fiend is resummoned. Kill his Harbringer first, there is only one of those. He has no other minions - sometimes the game misplaces a few cultists on his side of the door, that’s all.
Frankly that is the least of the problems with him, it’s his Doom Bolt and Sigil… Run around a lot and if you are melee, never stand in the Sigil, he heals back a lot from hitting you while you are inside it.
My Cabalist was my first character who killed him without dying on level 16, at first try. Guess he can do vitality damage but is weak to it when hit by a lot of skeletons…