Samourai Skin - loyalist Edition

Hi all!
I finally bought the loyalist Edition and I tried every skin you get out of it.
The Samourai would be great if only we could see details.
I barely see the skin on my character because it’s too dark and the goldy parts are really small.


Just for a follow of my first post.
I tried to talk to some poeple in my friendlist about that since no one responded here.
In fact I talked to two, one playtester and one veteran GD player.
the first one found it kinda dark while the second one found it ok.

He even send me picture, and it turned to be brighter than me. So I decided to go look in my video settings in GD and I added back the post processing. Obviouslly everything was way too bright (for me), but I could see more the helm skin.

I think what stand considering all that and it’s only my opinion, is the helm have some details we barely see in the front of the mask when looking at our character in game. It’s probably du to the angle we see our character combined with the design of the helm.

Maybe it’s me :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyhow… continue the good work Crate :smiley: