Sanguine Lupus - Pet Conjurer

Hey Maya, thanks for the reply! I’ve tried other conjurer pet build but this is definitely the most fun and damaging one I tried so far! I have now since made a few modifications and it might be quite useful for this build!

I have made some minor modification to the build. IMO, one of the weakness of the build is movement speed (123% using this set up in my case), so I used wardstone on medal (played a bit on armor augments to max resist still) and opted for lion+lantern instead of crane in devotion (losing a bit of vit resist on pet but more tankiness and movespeed + trap resist and insane energy regen). Also perhaps the biggest change is that I used Sandking’s heart amulet which is a lot of bleed damage and +1 occult skill are all very useful! Oh, I also used grim harvest boots (more skill points on briar and vit resist for pet) and wildshorn legs (massive health and DA) with ancient armor plate component (armor absorb). I hope you can also test it out yourself to see whether there are improvements. I feel this perhaps is if not the highest but one of the highest dps pet build while being balanced all around out there :smiley:

Resists were tighter originally when the build was made. But since that is no longer the case, it can be changed, yes.

But no free P.Spirit then.

But no Dmg Absorb then.

Wildshorn was originally my choice of pants for pets in general, but the bonuses from Rifthound prove better all around, player DA aside.

Pet builds don’t need Armor :stuck_out_tongue:


I sincerely apologize because no one ELSE seems to have this question, so I’m likely missing something Maya…

In the screenshot for your Crate kill, it appears you are using a Bound Wraith and a Will of Bysmiel, as well as Familiars and Primal Spirit. The GD link you’ve provided has a Bloodsworn Codex and Zaria’s Pendant, and no skill points in either Primal Spirit or in Familiar.

What am I missing? Can you please provide a link to the build you used for Crate?

Most likely this:

Iirc there was a patch that nerfed primal spirit duration/cooldown. Probably what triggered the change. Likely old screenshots since the changes weren’t tested.

I tried to take your build and modify it to what I thought you might have done based on the screenshot. Here is what I came up with: Conjurer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

Please let me know if I’m remotely close.

Also, what general strategy do you use for crate himself with this build?



Build updated, 4 min cally kill :blush:

Build updated again. 3 Min Cally kill now :3

can be done without potions as well, but wanted to minimize time spent kiting.


added a no greens setup as well, which uses Mythical Silverbolt instead

Took around 4 minutes, so 1 min slower than the original build and has some mana issues requiring mana potions, but other than that, was pretty ok and as you can see I forgot to even fully invest my attributes but that was not an issue :smile:

Hey Maya. Didn’t think it was worth creating a new topic for, and figured you’d know the answer: does the Total Damage Modifier from pet items like Bloodsworn Codex affect the devotion procs those pets are bound to? I know if a proc is bound to a pet the damage scales with pet stats, but I don’t know if that pet scaling extended to the % total damage modifier.

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It should since the devotion proc bound to a pet takes the pet’s stats, bonuses and modifiers to calculate the damage.

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for those interested in a somewhat weird, high damage, zoo build and don’t mind the extra greens - Conjurer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

I wanted to test the no greens setup in 1.2

3 min cally kill :blush:

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Updated the build with a no greens setup.
Now uses Nightbringer weapon instead of Silverbolt for added survivability.
Removed Hellhound due to lack of points :neutral_face:

Note- As long as you don’t facetank while Sundered, should have enough tankiness for everything, including standing in Callagadra’s tornadoes. Due to going Mogdrogen based devo route, build retains plenty of damage as well.

While you can get much higher DPS with the inclusion of Double Rare MIs, I am still trying to find the best version for those, so will be a while until adding that to the thread.

Build further updated because I wanted to facetank cally through sunder on a mogdrogen based devo setup. While it is not Tree + Ishtak and you can still die if you get screwed over by RNG and eat a shotgun of sand while sundered… you have pretty good survivability all the same.

Just posting my current 1.2 setup here so that I don’t forget :sweat_smile:

Been having the best success with this one out of all my pet builds so far. All Superbosses killed in 2 minutes or less while being rather safe despite the focus on damage more than tankiness.

Bonus naked Crucible with Extra spawn - (time was around 7 minutes)

With the latest Test Patch update, the Green rings are rather Crap.

So, 1.2 build further updated - Conjurer, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator

EDIT - a slight change from Primal Instinct to Mog’s Ardor since the change in kill times weren’t really noticeably different and Ardor gives pets better survivability.

Mogdrogen -

Also, Ravager of Souls done -

Still get less than 2 min cally kills, so no complaints there :smile:

and 1:30 min Ravager of Minds -

around 50 seconds for Crate -

Build updated for 1.2 Release.

Performance is significantly worse compared to what it was in the best test patch, but still ok I suppose.