Is very satisfactory :stuck_out_tongue:

Finally got around to buying it during the EGS sale with the discount coupon and got sucked badly in. Fortunately though, due to changing when I take my nortriptyline, I actually get too tired by 1am to continue playing so, so far I’ve avoided all nighters.

It’s still janky running on my 10 year old potato, and so pauses when saving, but thanks to optimisations it runs pretty well even with a factory full of stuff. And my prior “testing out” has gained me significant know how on factory set ups, so my iron works is only slightly messy. Though incomplete due to me going nuts on building mines and long arse conveyor lines to bring in more iron ore than I really need at present. With more still yet to come because I have spare capacity in the import stacks :3

cool game this, or idea anyway. Playing it when i was at a friend was a little disapointing. I think other games do better even factorio just trade in graphics for a more simple top down view and focus more on depth and this game type does much better