Sausage Party

This movie is creating some ‘controversy’ according to some people…

But if the Taco wasn’t a Mexican Taco, if it was a German Taco, they would probably accuse the directors of not having minority representation!
You can’t make this up!

WTF XD how these guys get this kind of ideas ?

Lol, it seems everything seth rogan does is wrong. Hes one of my fav actors and I love his movies. I can’t wait to see this :slight_smile:

That’s weird ideas :rolleyes:

So, I watched the movie last night.

Have to say that this is by far the craziest/funniest movie that I have seen.

Think of it like a movie with Sacha Cohen (like Borat/The Dictator) but 3x more outrageous due to the sexual humor.

It’s ridiculous, these days absolutely ANYTHING can be controversial to these ****ing people.

(Insert Hugh Mungus joke here)