Savage relic Stormhound doesn’t spawn

Pretty much the title. I got this Conjurer pet build in vanilla that I built so as to achieve the maximum possible number of permanent pets at a time, but the Stormhound somehow refuses to be summoned.
For anyone wondering, this pet should be available as a familiar with the special skill of the relic Savage, but each time I press the key to spawn it, it doesn’t do a thing.
My Conjurer has active the Raven, Hellhound, Blight Scourge, Briarthorn and Revenant of Og’Napesh at the same time. Is this botched summoning a bug or there’s just a cap on how many pets can be summoned at any one time?

Works fine for me. Limit for pets would probably be up in the 20s somewhere since one of the game’s achievements is to have 18 out at once.

Have you selected the pet icon on the hotkey or whatever you’ve put it on?

Try verifying the game files.

Does it summon when you don’t have any other pets active? (just to eliminate the idea of a ‘limit’ - pretty certain there isn’t and 6 is DEFINITELY not it.)

I ran this a few weeks back while leveling a cabalist (raven, hellhound). I didn’t have any problem with it not showing.

Is it possible you’ve got the key that you think you bound it to remapped to something else in the settings?

I finally found out that what wasn’t working and now the Stormhound can be summoned no problem. For some reason the key I had bound the Summon Stormhound skill to was already bound to another two or three functions without my knowledge, possibly because of a past mod I have since uninstalled that screwed a bit with the keys. Anyway, thanks for the help!

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