Savagery and other main attack replacers with charges

Savagery description:
“Building up charges increases the potency of the bonuses”.
However, whenever I attack with it, my damage and other stats increase after the first use and don’t change with further charges.

How does it actually work and do the bonuses affect any attack or some of them (like +%dmg) have effect on Savagery only?

I tried to combine it with Primal Strike autoattack, but I don’t feel like the effect is as huge as described (at least +18% to total damage seems not to be active).

Savagery is basically a buff that needs to be constantly used for it to be up. The charges are there so that the buff lasts longer, meaning it takes longer to disappear when you are out of combat.

Only things i know for sure that will affect Primal Strike is the % damage on the base skill of Savagery and the attack speed in Storm Touched. You also get the physical res (from the transmuter while using a two hander), OA, DA, slow res and health regen while is up.

Well, this is not exactly what “increasing potency” should mean :).

Therefore, flat damage, %weapon damage and %total damage do not have any effect outside Savagery. What about +20% chance of +x% lightning damage on the second modifier?

Thank you for the clarification.

Well, the more charges you have the more potent Savagery becomes so it’s not wrong. And as for 20% chance of lightning damage affects Savagery iirc, however, if you have a lot of flat lightning damage from Brute Force, Devotions, gear etc. and a high Phys > Lightning conversion it’s pretty strong.

6 Charge Levels: 30%, 50%, 65%, 80% 90%, 100%

Yeah, each charge will make Savagery stronger. The potency of the bonuses is another matter, because i’m gonna assume it’s just the flat damage on the skill.

According to the gamepedia of Grim Dawn, chance for extra lightning on Storm Touched only applies to Savagery.

DPS of Savagery does not change with additional charges. I have no idea what these % are to mean. If they do mean anything, DPS calculation is wrong on the char sheet.

Thank you for the clarification on chance for extra lightning.

AFAIK char sheet assumes max charge throughout but real damage changes. Do a dummy test. First 2-3 Savagery/Beronath/Belgothian/Troll relic strikes are always weaker than a naked attack.

Iirc the percentage refers to total damage of the skill. Simply put, first Savagery strike (30%) gets a 70% haircut and last one (120%) gets 20% on top.

This has always been my assumption.

Yes, this is known. Don’t trust sheet dps for any reason. Do your own tests.

If it is impossible to correct the char sheet, I wish there were various dummies for tests with a timer.