Savagery for Bleed build question

I’d like to make sure if I’m thinking right. Please check if this is correct. New to bleed builds.

Here’s my Savagery with WPS: Shaman, Level 100 (GD - Grim Dawn Build Calculator
using it for passives and proccing devo.

I actually have 15 spare points to max Savagery but it doesn’t seem worth it to me.
I already have like 4k Bleed / s = 12k Bleed / 3s damage according to my calculation (not counting % damage, RR, crits etc)
from various procs and 350% Weapon damage skill.

I calculated that bumping this to 26/16 will, together with its effect on WPS, give me like 150 Bleed / s.
so the gain would be like 150 / 4000 = 3.75% which is not impressive. I’d rather take some skills for OA / Health (for Ravager fight mainly)

[edit] I think I calculated this wrong but still shouldn’t be much

[edit2] Recalculated to around 170 Bleed / s

I noticed that

  • % Bleed bonus is global, well that’s something at least

  • but flat Bleed is not global actually, then it would be no brainer

I may take it eventually because 26/16 looks good in Grim Tools.

Where’s that 150 coming from ? I get roughly the same result but before accounting the wd in, are you saying the Savagery charges don’t affect the %wd part ?

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They do, I just have another higher source of WD. I read a few days ago that only one source of WD dot (highest) counts in Malawiglenn’s guide, before that I heard it on Rekt’s stream.

Btw if the build is ok I will test what difference hardcapping Savagery makes for it because you can never be 100% sure.

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Another question I’ve got problem with:

Do you know if this is correct and also how it then works for DoT?

For example

  • Savagery at 26/16 has 162% Weapon damage
  • Feral Hunger at 20/10 has 210% Weapon damage

If I proc Feral Hunger at 9 Savagery charges (1.15 multiplier), do I get

  • 115% x 210% = 241.5% WD dot


  • 115% x 210% x 162% = 391% WD dot

[edit] I tested it and the answer seems to be that you get the higher DoT - 391% WD dot


the second - it is multiplicative - also keep in mind that more attacks per second lead to higher probality of crits - with the damage bonus applied to DoT damage


And I thought Primal Strike / Oleron’s Might I was using have higher %WD ( ~355%).
Turns out Feral Hunger is bigger.

While that is correct, feral hunger uses savagery and thus all of its %WD and multipliers as base damage so as Coyote mentioned and you confirmed ingame the second calc is correct.