Savagery vs primal strike ?

What is better out of these 2 skills ? I want to make a 2handed lightning char but can’t decide what skill to use.

I was leveling a primal strike Warden. That skill looks and feels awesome. But around level 40 I switched to savagery and I won’t go back. It’s just better. More damage and more survability. But mostly physical.

Still, primal strike with autoattack morph feels great in lower levels.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi! Lightning Warden lvl 83 here.

Primal Strike build is more gear dependent, but I can definitely recommend it! I have no issues with dmg on ultimate act 3 atm.

Lightnings everywhere! FeelsGoodMan

I am curious, could you post your build?

i’m lvl 63 lightning Primal Strike warder, and i love it. so much aoe-ness.

but yes it’s very gear dependent. gotta stack that +lightning damage.

I use wendigo totem and blood pact to help survive, with a healing devotion here and there. and wind devil with raging tempest can help lower enemy resist for you.

Currently a lvl 44 Lightning warder with 2h melee and i’m using only primal strike with thunderous strike. My damage is reduced a little but i’m able to hit so many in a mob at once that it pays off. I stack alot of health regen so lots of heart of the wild and oak skin as well as veterancy on the soldier side. If you haven’t gotten it already I highly suggest getting behemoth, its on the lower left side of the devotions.