Saved Game lost from game

Hi there i did a save on my game and went off for a couple of hours and went to try and load the save game had over 490 plus people on game and it is not in my saved game when game is restarted… took me over 13 hours to get well 400 citizens…

Do you have OneDrive? Check if your saves are in there if so. If they are move them back to the default location and then disable/uninstall OneDrive. It’s known for hi-jacking games’ saves and then messing with them.

Does the issue occur if you try to make saves now?

Only just got home from work so will check when i go on pc. But i had over 495 plus citizens and it saved and then tried reloading last night and saved game was not there. I had to restart the game and all them hours i spent to get citizens upto that 400 plus is now gone am not happy with this had well over 290 plus hours on the game and lost my saved game. NOT ONE BIT HAPPY AT ALL.

Yes it do’s save but what about my other game with like i said 2 days ago 495 plus people ???

I still cant locate my other missing save files as well. Not in one drive, not in FF save folder. Nothing on my computers end would be auto locating them elsewhere. I never deleted them, I’m confused as to what happened to them.

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