Saw mill storage not emptying properly V0.8.0

I have two sawmills, both fully staffed, no production limit set on planks. 1st sawmill working fine, no problems, plank production around 350/yr. 2nd Sawmill has this problem where the workers are not taking made planks out of the sawmill so they stop working due to “storage full” in the sawmill, yearly production around 70 planks. Plenty of room in stockyards around them and around 1k logs available. I’ve rebuilt the sawmill several times and the issue seems to persist: initially the sawmill works fine and they transfer the produced plank appropriately hastily but after a few years the sawmill goes to a standstill where everyone stops working due to the sawmills storage being full and no one is trying to empty it. All 8 people just wander around due to “unable to work”.

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