SB EoR Warlord SR and/or Crucible farmer build?

Can anyone link/post any SB EoR Warlord builds for shattered realm/crucible? Not really overly concerned about fast clear times and high dps. I just want the build to be tanky and can facetank a little. Thanks in advance.

Here you go !

hey thanks! but isn’t this dual wielding? I’d have preferred a build with a shield. Thanks for replying though.

This is the best one that I could find for a sword and board build. If anyone has any other suggestions feel free to link it.

I’m afraid shield versions aren’t really a good option here if you still want to deal adequate amounts of damage (at least for endgame stuff like Crucible/SR), since you need both the full warborn set & the elemental to physical dmg conversion of the Beronath sword…

If you’re worried about survivability, don’t be - it’s still a Warlord. And the guide @Nery posted is tailored for naked crucible runs. You’ll have try pretty hard to make a dent into that one I think :wink:

Hey thanks. I tried that build that nery posted and it burned through my energy really fast. Maybe because i lacked some of the gear that was posted or ill have to adjust the devotions a little. Ill try it again once i’ve the gear and components complete.

DW is the way to go here.Shield will do nothing to help you defensively,you need damage and life steal for that.But energy should be managed.You can try using royal jelly extract to help you,until you find better gear.

wtf that is my example build from the guide xD

As ppl have mentioned, S&B is not the best version one can do.

I have done SR and Cruci with it, not as fast as dual wield or 2H versions but still :stuck_out_tongue:

Each portion of converted elemental damages gets checked separately against enemy armor so its not THAT important to get full conversion.

E.g. lets look at the flat lightning damage on soulfire, at rank 22 this is 192. Assume 100% conversion to physical and +2000% physical damage. That is 4k damage. This damage will get check against monster armor separately and before its resistances are checked. Nemesis and stuff have about 2k armor. So desipite getting insane high sheet dps, not all of that will effectively be applied to enemies due to the armor check mechanics

yeah your beginner’s guide really helped and it was the only one with a SB build. I eventually used the dual wielding one since i had most of the gear for it. Just wanted to play with a shield since most of my other toons were DW already :sweat_smile:

Its a good gesture to state where GT links comes from.

I mean you will deal much more damage when dual wielding with Beronath sword, but not as much as your sheet dps will suggest.

You could try the 2H variation of this build, here is a VERY crude sketch LOL
you can use Korvan shoulders or Spellscourge too for conversion.
Drawback here is that its super hard to get high attack speed with 2H weapons…