SC legit trade newbie player

Hi all. PM me on forum,or write in the post.


I’m searching for

mythical beastcaller’s shroud
mythical nosferattis
bysmiel’s authority
bysmiel’s influence
bysmiel’s iris
mythical overlord’s iron grips
mogdrogen’s ardor

I can trade these items


rimetongue chestguard
radaggan’s shroud
mythical shroud of illusion
mythical devil’s cage hauberk
mythical rune armor of ignaffar
mythical heart of yugol


mythical runeplates of ignaffar
mythical leggings of arcane currents
mythical deathwhisper leggings
mythical rimestone legguards
mythical demonbone legplates
mythical thornhide legguards
venomskin legwraps


mythical gauntlets of ignaffar
mythical riftwarped grasp
mythical handguards of justice
mythical viperfang grips
mythical grasp of the unchained might


mythical timewarped walkers
mythical voidwalker footpads
mythical golemborn graves
mythical venomspine greaves
mythical wyrmscale footguards
mythical stormtitan treads
mythical earthshatter treads
mythical amatok’s step


mythical dread knight’s guard
mythical light’s defender epaulets
Rah’zin’s shoulderguards
mythical bloodfury spaulders
mythical cortosian scrolls


mythical pack of deady means
mythical boneweave girdle
mythical storm shepherd


mythical invoker’s burning hand
mythical entropic coil
mythical pyroclasm mark
mythical band of the eternal pyre
mythical menhirian
mythical signet of the fallen


mythical soulcatcher
mythical bloodrager’s gem
mythical black gem of dreeg


mythical final stop
mythical siegebreaker
mythical willing of the living
the grey knight


mythical invoker’s blaze
mythical contagion
mythical orb of the black flame
mythical Inashkor’s head
mythical tome of names
mythical codex of eternal storms
mythical flendgaze tome
mythical codex of the truths
mythical codex of lies
mythical speaker of the dead


mythical ravager’s bite
mythical deathmarked decapitator
mythical scion of crimson wakes
mythical runed dagger of dreeg
mythical venomlash
mythical ortus
mythical decree of the circle of five
mythical grim fate
mythical death omen
mythical clairvoyant’s wand
mythical crystallum
mythical fiend’s resolve
mythical reaper of the accursed
mythical warborn gavel
mythical spelldrinker


mythical guillotine
mythical nightshade’s reach
mythical dreegal’anore
mythical obsidian juggernaut
mythical death’s reach
mythical wrath of thenebris


mythical Morguul’s mortality
mythical barrelsmith’s crossfire
dagallon’s destroyer
mythical arcanum sigillis


mythical ulto’s stormseeker
mythical dreadscorcher
mythical witching hour
mythical raka’jax
mythical quillthrower of dreeg
mythical silverbolt

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