Scourge Relic missing

I just started playing Grim Dawn recently again, started new character, lvl 80 atm, wanted to craft Dirge of Arkovia relic for my pets bonus, i prepared all materials to craft it, even that i knew i am missing Scourge blueprint thinking i will find it eventually.100s troves and totems later it still didnt drop, checked my old lvl 100 acc , dont have it there either, is the relic even in game or what?


PS troves are horrible for blueprint farming compared to SR 75 or monster totems or nemesis/Iron Maiden/Zantarin farm

  • if you’re level 80 then go into areas that scale to level 60-70 only, and do Monster Totems, - assuming you don’t have access to SR 75-76 on Normal
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Which areas scale to level 60-70 only? And would this work for Meditation too?

you can see on grimtools map what areas scale to just tick the "level limits"box on the right side
and yes would work with any regular item that’s level related to drop

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