Seal/Component for Bleed Damage

Currently we lack any dedicated Caster oriented components for Bleed and Burn damage. Burn is in a decent spot at the moment but Bleed Casters are not.
Seal of Blades is a lot more melee oriented, I think Bleed Casters could use an additional skill

I made a gimmicky CT base Bleed Caster build in vanilla but the only actual Bleed Caster is a PB based Bleed Build. Even Blood Pox+Vines Conjurer isn’t upto the mark.

My proposal is to create a Bleed Component/Seal that gives us 15-25% Bleed Duration and Grants us a weaker version of the skill found on Empowered Stake Thrower

Of course reducing or out-right removing the %WD component would be required and reducing the Pierce Output of the skill will be needed.

Bleed has received a great deal of help from the game’s side but I just think it’s weird that the Casters are still in a weird spot after all this time.